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We ‘separate’ as soon as our interests cease to be common – Need to prioritize interest of country

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Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi
Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

IS it our utmost ambition to see some individuals nominated to the National Assembly? Is it our right to say who will be nominated and who will not? Did any apparent obstacles to democracy seem worthwhile? Do the current MPs represent the actual political scene? Is the parliament an effective and guaranteed path for remedying the financial situation for anyone who reaches there (The meaning behind this is clear, no need for further elaboration)?

In a previous article, I had explained the ethical concept of politicians, which is essential for a politician in current or future parliaments to adopt.

To summarize it, we hear about various ideal dispositions of the politicians whom we, apart from a very lucky few, never see in reality. We hear a politician talk about improving laws when at the same time the same politician considers the legislative authority cheap when it comes to personal and selfish interests.

We often see comedy movies about people who break the law and exploit its loopholes persistently. Before doing anything else, we must first ask ourselves about our choices, which are usually made without rationality or sobriety. Many vote for a candidate because the latter could be a relative, or a member of his clan or sect, etc.

As soon as we prioritize the interest of the country above anything else, everything will automatically fall in place including the current situation of the country. This is the path that we ought to take for the interest of the entire nation.

Recently, a friend of mine blamed me for not writing about the local issues. To a certain extent, he is right. In most of my articles, I avoid dealing with the local issues. However, what does he want me to write about? Should I write about the parliament when, at the same time, I can see deterioration of freedoms in unprecedented levels? Should I write about the administration and financial corruption that continue to choke everyone in the country? Should I talk about the rights of labor unions which are usually ignored by the government intentionally? Or should I write about the political factions that continue to divide the nation or the recurring fire incidents that raise a lot of questions?

Perhaps, he wants me to write about a former official who embezzled large sums of public money and left the country. So far, we have not seen the government being serious about bringing that official back in the country to face justice. What if I write about the Speaker of the National Assembly who has been loudly yelling that the pockets of citizens will not be affected by the austerity and rationalization measures?

In short, there is nothing fascinating or worthwhile to write about when it comes to the local affairs due to the grimness of the country’s political atmosphere.

Perhaps, I can write about the ongoing Yemeni peace negotiations in Kuwait, which has reaffirmed the confidence that people have towards our supreme political leaders. There is no doubt that the confidence is in its proper place and the people of Yemen will soon find the peace that they desire.

There is no point writing about people who never read. Even if they read, they will never understand. Therefore, I usually try to write in a symbolic manner so that I do not provoke any unnecessary reactions, because “We separate as soon as interests cease to be common”.


By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi


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