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Seeking employment at other place after 1 yr for degree holder

I am from Bhutan and was hired from my home country. I have been working for them since Jan 2019 and on paper the contract expired on Jan 20-19 since it was a year long contract. I can seek employment else where considering the fact that I have a degree and we haven’t signed a new contract since then.

Name withheld

Answer: Unless the company is willing to give you a release you have no option than to continue working for it for three years or ask to be sent back to your country as the one year contract you signed has since expired. Having a university degree is of no consequence in this scenario as you were not employed locally but recruited abroad – a situation under which you are obliged by the labour law to work three years for the employer or in your case return home if there is no agreement on the way forward after the initial one-year contract expires

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