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Tuesday , February 25 2020

Search for the original ‘DAESH’ in Iran

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE international alliance is intensifying strikes against DAESH and even countries outside the alliance are attacking the terrorist group. Here is Turkey that launched a military campaign against the locations occupied by DAESH in North Syria, hitting two birds with a single stone. While Turkey sends DAESH domination away from its vital borders, it shatters the Kurdish dream of setting up an autonomous region on Syrian territories which they control.

In case the Turkish operations succeed, Turkey shall remove the accusation of facilitating movements of the barbarian terrorist group. Thus, the renewed passion of Turkey is a consequence of the American-Russian enthusiasm over the intention to launch joint attacks on DAESH in Syria. Regardless of the result of these operations, they will never curb spread of the dangerous disease as long as there is no serious operation to pull it out from the roots.

The terrorism disease started in 1979 when the revolution of Khomeini ended the rule of the Shah in Iran. The leaders of the revolution then announced their strategy based on the idea of exporting the revolution to the Arab world, a step toward their major war targeting those they called as ‘international Western arrogant powers’.

Since then, Tehran has left no opportunity that could pave way for the implementation of its project. Tehran started through sectarian stimulation. It created supporting organizations, rising up to the deception label — ‘liberation of Jerusalem.’ Tehran continued until it accused States in the region of being the ‘machinery’ of the West. During that period, Iran formed terrorist groups — whether Sunni like al-Qaeda or Shiite such as Hezbollah — and the Iraqi militias, which increased like the poisonous fungi soon after the American invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Despite the efforts exerted by Iran in the last three decades, it has not achieved its goals until now. The last chance for Iran was the so-called ‘Islamic State Organization’ or DAESH which was raised in Iraq under the protection of Iran that facilitated its movement and helped it gain control over vast areas in Iraq. Iran used DAESH as a bait in order to justify its direct interference. The same occurred in Syria where Iran enabled DAESH to control a number of Syrian governorates.

Actually, it is not only Iran that takes advantage of the existence of DAESH, Hezbollah and other groups of terrorism serpents covered with the gown of religion; because Israel also gets major advantages from such groups. The leaders of Israel declared openly that they have no chance to survive and dominate unless Egypt, Iraq and Syria are enmeshed in civil wars which will lead to these countries’ disintegration.

Throughout the decades, Israel, with the support of major Western powers, have been trying to engage Egypt in a series of internal troubles and wars. This was after the 1952 coup which ended the royal regime and resulted in the separation of Sudan from Egypt. Fortunately, the Israeli project failed because of the war on Oct 6, 1973 and the great victory achieved by the late President Anwar Al-Sadat who could mend the consequences of the risks taken by Gamal Abdel Nasser.

By the time the winds of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ started to blow, we saw the American and Israeli enthusiasm reaching the Muslim Brotherhood for the latter to rule in countries exposed to those winds. The consequences revealed the series of agreements between the Brotherhood, Washington and Tel Aviv with the aim of instigating chaos in some Arab countries. These agreements included agitating Israel and America in harmony with Iran by showing that what is happening in the region is the parturition of a new model of Sunni Islamic terrorism in order to stir up the whole world against the moderate Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia and other GCC nations, presenting them as the incubators of terrorism.

All this has come to an end due to the renaissance that the entire world witnessed in terms of recognizing the main creator of terrorism and admitting that the Gulf countries are among those on the frontline of nations which suffered due to the crimes of terrorism.

Nevertheless, this renaissance will not bear fruit unless the disease is treated from the roots. The treatment starts by halting the Iranian project and ends by doing the same with the Israeli project. Otherwise, the DAESH group which can be removed from the Turkish borders will appear soon in the European capitals — more active and stronger. The world will then discover that it is facing the original DAESH or the intervention of Iran in Arab countries through militias of the Revolutionary Guard and its sleeper cells. After that, the world will start a new whirlpool of war against terrorism.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times


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