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School is not ready to transfer visa to dependent visa – Hired from abroad

I was hired from my home country (Philippines) and I resigned from the school I worked for. They will cancel my visa but would not allow a visa transfer (dependent visa) under my husband.

My question is, after they cancel my visa, can my husband get me a dependent visa while here in Kuwait or I need to leave Kuwait and wait for the new visa in my home country? My daughter is here and she is already on dependent visa under my husband’s.

He is earning KD 600 per a month. I hope you can give information regarding this.

Name withheld

Answer: The only way you can get a dependent visa while you are in Kuwait is through a transfer but since the school is not ready to transfer your visa to that of your husband’s as a dependent, you have no alternative than to a return to your home country.

The foregoing is premised on the assumption that you have not served the mandatory three-year service you are required to offer the school before being eligible to request for a release.

However if our assumption is wrong and you have put in the 3-year service, then the school is legally bound to offer you a release under this scenario.

You can file a compliant with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour through the Labour Office in your area and they can compel the school to transfer your residence to your husband’s sponsorship as a dependent.

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