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Monday , November 19 2018

Saudi brothers carrying fake Kuwaiti nationality

Trio caught at passport renewal

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 23: The crimes committed by a Saudi citizen who obtained Kuwaiti citizenship fraudulently and ensured his brothers also obtained Kuwaiti citizenship illegally may seem like a fiction but it is a true story, reports Al-Rai daily.

The hero of the story, after obtaining Kuwaiti citizenship illegally, added his two brothers to his citizenship file as his sons based on which they also obtained Kuwaiti citizenship. The truth was revealed when one of the brothers or the so-called sons tried to renew his Kuwaiti passport. The employee became suspicious when he saw the date of birth, as it was mentioned as 1982 but the man looked much older as he was actually born in 1972.

Based on the employee’s suspicions, the man was referred for investigations. It was then discovered that he was registered as a son in the file of his Saudi brother who obtained Kuwaiti citizenship, and that another brother was also registered in the same file as a son.

The fake father, along with their actual father, had also managed to obtain certificates from the Public Authority for Disabled Affairs for his official sons/brothers to state that they are suffering from severe mental disabilities. Based on this, they received allowances and other benefits. The so-called son admitted to the authorities about this scheme and guided them to the house of his socalled father/brother and his actual father. The three brothers were arrested and referred to the concerned authorities in preparation for the lifting of their Kuwaiti citizenships.

Drugs with Asian: An unidentified Bangladeshi has been arrested by the Farwaniya police for possessing narcotic pills and 12 sachets of shabu, hashish and heroin, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, during a security check the suspect tried in vain to escape but he was chased and arrested by police and handed over to the General Directorate for Drugs Control. He has been charged with possessing and trafficking in narcotics

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