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Wednesday , July 17 2019

Sana’a is indispensable no matter how long the war lasts

THE new sanctions imposed by the United States of America on the Iranian regime take effect today. The main objective is to prevent Iran from meddling in the domestic affairs of neighboring countries and perpetrating terrorism under the ‘revolution export’ slogan. This coincides with the quick action in war operations in Yemen to tame the Houthi gangsters which is a mask, in the real sense of the word, for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah.

It is inevitable to reveal the significance of the unprecedented and firm stance of the Gulf against Iranian activities through the Arab coalition in support of the Yemeni National Army to restore legitimacy. The most important factor in this case is the response to the recurring question on the essence of the Arab coalition in the past three and a half years.

In fact, this question, which was raised out of naivety or innocent expression, is due to the ignorance of many people in terms of the achievements during those years especially in the case of decisiveness that should not be taken for granted. This is because the strategic goal of the aggressors is to change the social and political nature of the victims. The action is linked with the religious slogan solely based on the Persian viewpoint without any connection to Islam, if utterance of the terrorist clerical system is anything to go by.

It is true that the war in Yemen has been prolonged and extremely costly but it has achieved a lot of goals, starting with foiling the coup plot against the legitimate regime. This is the main reason behind preventing the expansion of Iran towards the South — to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arabian Gulf countries. This is in addition to breaking the knot of another military pincers which Iran is striving to achieve through its military efforts and militias in Iraq.

All these goals would not have been possible if not for the defensive war launched by the Yemeni National Army and Arab coalition, which have been working for three and a half years to prevent danger while taking into consideration the civilians and living condition of Yemenis. Despite the minor errors in the war operations, the merit is far bigger; otherwise, Iran would have been able to infiltrate into Saudi Arabia, reach the Two Holy Mosques and subjugate the Arabian Gulf countries.

Today, the Persian bravado of controlling four Arabian capitals, including Sana’a, has been dealt with a big blow. Iraqis are working hard to overcome Iran in Baghdad. The strength, which Hezbollah was boasting about in Beirut, has been fading away; considering the decline of conditions imposed by Hezbollah on political factions regarding the government formation. In Damascus, the people’s grumbling over the presence of Iran is more pronounced coupled with international objection, including its closest ally — Moscow.

Based on these facts, the achievements would not have been possible without the firm stance against coup plotting in Yemen. To be more precise, the coalition won the battle; while the Iranians and their militias are choking such that the Arabian Gulf countries have been distanced from the cup of Persian poison which Iran planned to use to hurt them.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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