Monday , January 21 2019

Saleh spoke his word and left

ALI ABDULLAH SALEH spent his small part in political life on the sharp edges of flimsy alliances, taking his chances without giving any attention to risks that come with such kind of political work.

Nonetheless, perhaps his fate was not to exit from the political scene before exposing the Houthis and their culture which is based on treachery learned from their masters — the Mullah regime. In fact, they are proud of the savagery which is not part of Yemen’s Arabic culture.

A few days before his assassination, Saleh confessed about the hellish role of Houthi militias in corrupting and destroying Yemen to impoverish its people as they endeavor to surrender the country to Iran on skulls of innocent Yemenis and to strip off the natural Arab environment of the entire country.

Before his assassination, Saleh affirmed that through his influence, he dragged tribes, the General People’s Congress and the political force which supported him into combat to stop the practices of that terrorist group. Perhaps, he tried to exonerate himself in the mistake which led to further complications in his country.

Undoubtedly, Saleh’s change of position towards the Houthis whom he fought against for years before forming an alliance with them, caused more trouble for him, which started with decisions taken by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Arab League and the International Security Council. All of these decisions were not in his interest.

The position he took astonished observers who are aware of his sagacity which made him able to see the end of such alliance that contradicts the Yemeni political nature. Therefore, it was expected that the militias will turn any time.

It is true that from the beginning, the legitimate authority, the Arab and GCC coalition warned about the practices of Houthi rebels and exposed their crimes against humanity. But if such testimony comes from someone in the capacity of Saleh, the warning becomes extremely important.

This is due to the fact that it removes the group’s cover and paves way for all Yemenis, who fell for media adverts or the group’s desires, to reconsider the position today and realize that they cannot trust this group which is literally attached to Iran.

The clearest testimony is what Iran’s President Hassan Rohani and Head of the Revolutionary Guard Muhammad Ali Jaafar said immediately after the assassination of Saleh, as they considered it the elimination of a major conspiracy and a historic day.

Given that it is not permissible to talk about someone who is now in the hands of Almighty Allah, Saleh indeed used the Houthis as a bridge to realize his objectives. The Houthis also used him in the same manner, but they got to him before he could get to them.

In order to prevent the Houthis from getting to the remaining political factions and forces, the General People’s Congress, together with the tribes and other factions, should support the coalition of Arabs.

This support includes the military and national resistance to crush the Houthis, so that Yemen can win as a whole and prevent it from being blown by the wind of revenge, killing and destruction in a bid to satisfy the desires of Iran.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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