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Saleh, no dialogue before repentance

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

IT SEEMS that the defeats caused by legitimate forces in Yemen, populace resistance and Arab coalition to rebels in Yemen have made ousted Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh suffer from bipolar political behavior.

In his recent speech, he said he wants to fight the coalition for a decade as he launches rhetoric and intimidations on one hand, and on the other hand, he speaks about conducting dialogue with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saleh speaks with the tone of a beggar, wondering how he managed to establish this equation that has no answer.

He is making himself forget every major political crime he committed in his country when he opened the gates of Sanaa for the Houthis; allowing them to desecrate provinces, cities and towns after transforming the military which surrounded him for 30 years to become a family establishment that only moves through his son’s orders.

How could he push the military to become affiliated with militias whom he fought against in seven wars? When he was moved by the lust of returning to power, he turned against himself and colluded with the militias.

Since the start of the crisis, the GCC nationals and majority of the Yemenis have been asking themselves: Didn’t you know — Oh ousted president — that this group of militias is just a tool in the hands of Iran when you surrendered your country to them?

Indeed, you are not the direct agent of Mullah regime, but with your choice, you made yourself the face of their expansionism scheme when you allowed their gangs to occupy your country despite realizing that Yemen is not their only target as it will be the Revolutionary Guards’ gate into Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE.

Once that happens, you will not have any authority even in your palace … By turning against the GCC initiative, isn’t that considered public relinquishment in favor of those gangs and surrendering the keys of your country to the leaders of Tehran?

Undoubtedly, you know the geographical significance of Yemen in relation to Iran in its expansionism scheme to hurt the ‘GCC’ countries, in fact, all the Arab nations. Even if you claim that you did not know, we will never call you a fool because you are not telling the truth.

Throughout your reign, Yemenis intentionally forgot your lust for rule and transformation of the country’s institutions into family farms, because, together with every GCC national, they exalted your unification of Yemen and your struggle to end the border dispute with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a goodwill initiative. Even Kuwait forgave your mistake of supporting Saddam Hussein, when you apologized and said you didn’t know his plans.

In spite of all these, many of us engaged in a battle for Yemen to join the GCC community. As you were rushing for that to happen, you upheld the principle, “Everything that is good happens at the right time.” However, behind the curtains, you were mocking it because it got delayed for so long. Perhaps, it was a wise delay.

Throughout the three decades of your rule and since you were a sergeant until you became the president of Yemen Republic, we believed that your life experiences will led you to become a statesman. Unfortunately, you did not benefit from the experience in the world of politics. This was affirmed when you threw your country into the savage’s mouth immediately after you saw the mirage of your return to power.

Didn’t you see thousands of deaths, injuries and destruction caused by Houthi gangs in the past two years? Wasn’t your conscience moved towards that throughout the past months, or was your conscience under renovation?

Hence, what are you betting on to have a dialogue with Saudi Arabia while you are in your position to protect the aggressors?

My advice is go back to the initial demeanor by expiating all the sins you have committed in the past and wash your hand from following the Houthis. Return to your senses so that you do not remain in the captivity of the criminal court in Hague, along with the leaders of that gang, because by that time, regret will be futile.

In my opinion, it is not too late to rectify your course. Perhaps, there will be something to dialogue about, but today, from the position you are in, dialogue will be a joke which will not amuse anyone.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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