Thursday , January 17 2019

Saleh, Al-Houthi … separation of two thieves

IT SEEMS the masked alliance between ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh and Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi has ended. They are separated based on previously concealed disagreements, since their alliance was sealed dead in the night to ensure each of them accomplishes his objectives.

However, when the sun of reality shone and it was clear they could not achieve anything, an Arab adage became applicable to both of them: “They stole in the night and disagreed over distribution of the loot in the morning.” The difference here is that both parties disagreed over responsibility for the defeat when they were returned to their natural status.

Some people might have believed that their partnership to perpetrate the crime of abducting Yemenis was the end of the road, because they did not know the nature of one another. Al-Houthi, who was looking for a way to control Yemen, chose Iranian agents to assist from the southern part of the region. This location was supposed to be the bridge for controlling the Arabian Peninsula and the Two Holy Mosques, while the entire Arab World would have been subjected to the will of Persia. Ali Saleh, who is a power monger, also used Al-Houthi to regain power from which he was ousted through popular revolution.

At this juncture, it is important to affirm that everybody in the region is absolutely convinced that no matter how long the war is, even if it turned into a war of might, it will not end until all Persian projects in the region are quashed and danger is neutralized. This must be achieved at all cost, as facts and figures proved to be far less than being claimed by some people.

Both parties miscalculated when they upturned the constitutional and legitimate choices of Yemenis and turned down the GCC initiative, which was basically meant to inject fresh blood and avoid pushing Yemen into the pitfall of civil war. For this, the firm stance of the National Army and citizens’ resistance supported by the Arab alliance broke down the coup plotters and dislodged them from the areas they were controlling. Reactions of citizens in the liberated regions explained the rate of curses rained on Iran’s agents and Ali Abdullah Saleh’s team that destabilized national security to satisfy his desire for the leadership position.

Now that the fire of disagreements between the coup plotters is ignited, each of them revealed his real face. However, the truth prevails regardless of the outcome. This means the Houthis are not a force to reckon with in Yemen, especially since they do not constitute more than five percent of the population. Although they formed alliance with the ousted leader in the past, he will not hesitate to fire back at them if given the opportunity. Nonetheless, it will not change the true position of things, because both parties will be out of the political equation. This is due to the fact that they have been toeing the path towards the International Criminal Court with the skulls of Yemenis.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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