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Sunday , January 26 2020

Salary not paid for almost 3 months

This is regarding our salary which is delayed for almost three months now. We are working with an engineering and construction company with approximately 5,000 mixed manpower.

We are afraid now because our company is not paying our salaries from Nov 2017 up to now, we are helpless because none of our complaints has been looked into by management. Most of our families back home are crying because the company is not giving any money to us for the past three months.

Many employees also cannot depart Kuwait due to non-availability of cash settlement. Some travelled with a verbal agreement from the company that they will send their money through their bank account as soon as possible, but we think nothing has been sent up to now.

Can you please advise us what we can do legally. From our understanding they are not interested to pay us. Is there any organization that will help us.

What we want is, if they will not pay us, then they should send us to our country with our salaries and benefits, but it should be clearly made that everyone should receive their money before departure. Thank you very much for your time and reply.

Name withheld

Answer: The company is in breach of the Kuwait Labour Law for not paying your salaries promptly and in your case for about three months. If you are convinced that the company has no intention to live up to its obligation by paying you the accumulated salaries, we advise that you file a complaint with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour through the Labour Department in your area to seek redress.

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