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Saturday , August 15 2020

Salary higher then what is mentioned on Izn-e-amal – Can I sponsor my wife?

I would like to ask a question. My residency was renewed on the Dec 4, 2016 for a period of 2 years expiring on Dec 3, 2018. My basic salary at the point of renewal was KD 425. My allowances were KD 75. Also, I had approximately KD 150 as overtime. So, my basic salary was still KD 425, but overall, it accumulated upto KD 650 with allowances and overtime. I received a raise of KD 100 in December end; that is my basic salary became KD 525; allowances remained KD 75 and overtime of KD 150. So, my basic salary was increased to KD 525, and overall accumulates to KD 750.

My izn-e-amal (work or salary certificate), however, reflects KD 425; since at the time of issue, that was my basic salary. Now, I need to apply for a family visa for my wife as a dependent. I’m not sure what the basic salary requirement is now. Please note that I’ve been employed as a civil engineer (my residency states that civil engineer) by one of the contracting companies in Kuwait since Feb 2011. I wanted to ask you what are my options for applying for family visa:

1. Renew my residency again in order to get a new izn-e-amal. This is not the easiest option as there are levels of complication in my company. Possible, but still very difficult.

2. I have a certificate from my company stating that my basic salary is KD 525; as I needed it for a bank document.

I can ask my company to issue another certificate or letter on the company letterhead stating my basic salary is KD 525. I can also get a bank statement showing my salary is KD 600 (salary+allowance, overtime comes in another transaction) as reflected on my salary account. Please advise. It would be of a great help. I have read in one of the articles that, in the case of engineers, the salary requirement is not mandatory on top of that.

Name withheld

Answer: To apply for a family visa you must be earning a monthly salary of KD 450 or more. This monthly salary must be requirement in your work permit (izn-e-amal). In processing a visa application the Immigration Department only deals with the monthly salary written in your work permit. What other amount transferred into your salary account at the end of the month is of no use to the Immigration Department especially if it is different from what is on your work permit. We must point out that the salary cap of KD 450 that qualified a worker to sponsor members of his family is across board and even if there are some exemptions to the best of our knowledge engineers are not part of such exemptions. In a nutshell, you cannot apply for a dependent visa for your wife using the KD 425 monthly salary on your work permit. The only option that you have is to make that your new basic salary of KD 525 is reflected in your work permit when your residence permit is due for renewal in 2018.

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