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Salary for stay-at-home Kuwaiti mom aims to cut high divorce rate

KUWAIT CITY, June 19: Considering the high divorce rate in Kuwait, the government is determined to address the issue by all means, the most prominent of which is to allow the married Kuwaiti woman to stay at home and receive the full monthly salary that she would earn if she had chosen to work.

The concept is optional and there are terms and conditions that should be met, such as preventing the recipient of this benefit from hiring a personal driver, hiring just one domestic worker to help in house chores, in addition to restricting her from taking employment in the private sector or owning a business.

This prompted MP Majed Al- Mutairi to submit a legislative proposal to grant stay-at-home mother a month salary of between KD 500 and KD 700. Moreover, the Education Committee of the National Assembly has concluded its deliberations over the government universities law. The report has been submitted to the Parliament and is expected to be taken up during the current legislative term prior to July 2, before the Parliament goes into recess.

MP Awda’a Al- Ruwai’e said the bill’s approval will significantly increase the quality of higher education in the country. He added the bill on book control is pending until the government submits its views and that the rights of authors bill will be addressed during the upcoming committee meetings.

Minister of Education and Higher Education Hamed Al- Azmi disclosed after transferring the faculties of Kuwait University to their new locations, the law will pave the way for the establishment of new universities at these locations, since these facilities are already fully equipped and operational, and the establishment and development can move at a fast pace.

He also praised the effort of the committee in composing the bill, as its importance was clearly evident in the comprehensive manner the bill was addressed because the committee has left no room for legislative gaps while ensuring that it will not conflict with other laws.

The minister added that such efforts are a realization of the Amiri vision of investing in the future of the country by prioritizing the development of Kuwaiti youth and the country’s general human resource. In another development, Rapporteur of the Finance and Economic Affairs Committee MP Faisal Al-Kandari said the Public Institute for Social Security has agreed to decrease the deduction rate of the retiree no-interest loan from 25 to 10 percent of their allocated pensions.

He noted that although the agreement is preliminary, the committee is optimistic of the final result, considering the keen interest of the minister of finance to cooperate with the committee.

On the other hand, member of committee MP Mohammed Hayef had earlier stated that the minister is neglecting the committee meetings and had hinted about grilling him if the behavior continued.

When asked about the matter, Speaker of Parliament Marzouk Al-Ghanim said he had not received a committee invitation for the minister to attend the previous meeting, which the minister confirmed. However, the invitation to the latest meeting was sent to the minister 24 hours before hand, and the minister showed his keen interest and sent his representatives as he was occupied by other state business

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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