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Salary cap and sponsoring on dependent visa

My monthly salary is KD 345 and have my family over here before the law changed for dependency, would like to have your assistance on the residency of my second child as there is a law for minimum salary for KD 450, need your kind advice for the same, will I face any issue for the residency for my child as my salary is below the minimum salary cap.

Name withheld

Answer: Since your wife and one child are already here with you on dependent visa, you will have no problem in securing a residency permit for your second child.

In fact when the law on the KD 450 minimum requirement for family visa sponsorship was passed it did not have retrospective effect.

Having said this, we must however point out that the decision to accept or reject a visa request is strictly in the hands of the officers at the Immigration Department. This not withstanding you can always ask to see a higher-level official if you believe you are treated unfairly by a lower-level official.

I just want to know if I can apply for family visa for my wife. My salary is KD 445 on work permit.

Name withheld

Answer: No, you can’t because the law says that to be able to sponsor members of your family on dependent visa, you should be earning at least a monthly salary of KD 450

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