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Friday , February 3 2023

‘Salaries for expats, Kuwaiti teachers to stay suspended’

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More people observing SOPs

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 12: The Ministry of Education resolved the issue on suspending the payment of the salaries of teachers who have been absent with a compelling excuse; stressing that “these teachers’ salaries will remain suspended during the summer vacation and there will be no work for them upon their arrival, because schools are closed and they have to wait until the beginning of the new school year. This applies to Kuwaiti teachers as well,” reports Al-Rai daily quoting a source from the educational sector. The source told the daily that “the ministry is aware of the humanitarian and coercive aspects of the issue concerning stranded teachers, but it is committed to the instructions of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) as any transgression in this regard will put it under the scrutiny of supervisory authorities.” On the other hand, the source confirmed the formation of a committee in the Administrative Sector to discuss the excellent job performance incentive of about 80,000 teachers for fiscal 2020/2021; indicating “the Financial Sector has completed the procedures for administrators assigned in the head office of the ministry and the educational districts, including those with valid grievances.”

Health rules Meanwhile, Colonel Abdullah Al- Mutairi, a member of the main committee to monitor the implementation of the requirements related to combating the spread of Covid-19, announced that the visual presentation of the field supervisory teams to verify the extent to which the commercial and government sectors adhere to health requirements showed good results and that the percentage of the commitment of citizens and residents to those requirements is on the rise. Colonel Al-Mutairi, who is director of the Operations Department in the Public Security Sector at the Ministry of Interior, told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on Thursday, after the committee meeting at Seif Palace, headed by its deputy chairman and Director General of Kuwait Municipality, Ahmad Al-Manfouhi, that at the meeting a visual presentation was made by the Ministry of Health and field teams

The supervisory authority in charge of implementing the health requirements, namely, the Municipality, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Public Authority for Manpower and the General Authority for Food and Nutrition, stressing that all the results of these teams are “good and promising” and indicate that the percentage of citizens and residents’ commitment to these health requirements is a high rise. Regarding the Cabinet’s decision regarding allowing children’s activities on the first of next September, he stated that the committee decided to address the Ministry of Health regarding setting health requirements for the return of all children’s activities on the first of next September, whether nurseries that will be responsible for the Ministry of Social Affairs or children’s games and entertainment in the complexes. He stressed that activities for children require a double effort from the owners of these activities, whether nurseries or malls, to ensure that children apply health requirements because everyone knows that children, especially in these places, loves to mix with other children, and it is possible for them to be exposed to infection with the Coronavirus, thus transmitting the infection, especially that symptoms usually do not appear on children.

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