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Thursday , February 9 2023

Sabah Al-Khaled … hard work pays off and every person shall earn what he strives for

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THANK you, His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled, for all your endeavors during your premiership of four cabinets. You worked hard but you didn’t succeed – this is the viewpoint of the majority of those who have been in office for the last six decades to this day.

This is due to the fact that they were like those who live in a huge forest where the crows of the deep state multiply until they occupied all the joints of the state in recent years, and are now doing whatever they want.

They control ministries and institutions to serve their interests with the help of MPs in the National Assembly who practice the worst forms of intimidation and blackmail.

Unfortunately Your Highness, you did not take the initiative to dismantle that clique that led to the failure of your mission… If only you had implemented what the tenth century Abbasid-era Arab poet Abu al-Tayyib al-Mutanabbi had said, “If you pursue something honorable, settle only for the stars. Taste of failure is similar, whether on trivial issues or greater”.

Perhaps you would have leveled your integrity and put it to work where necessary without referring everything to the National Assembly, something you repeatedly said about through these words – “They do not let us work. Everything is subject to the approval of the parliament”.

Therefore, the public debt law slipped between your fingers, and you fell into their trap when they sought to complete the closure of the country, which they had started through the previous governments and led to the exit of foreign investors and citizens abroad, while the deep state continued with all its might to seize all development institutions and projects.

The MPs were not satisfied with that, as they also interfered in Kuwait’s foreign policy and the future generations fund. We read statements written in Kuwaiti ink, but that ink smelled foreign. The executive authority is concerned with managing the state and is responsible to the people and the leadership.

Therefore, a phrase like “They did not let us work” does not work anywhere in the whole world except in failed states where parties, groups, and suspicious interests prevails.

Your Highness, yes you strived … And every person shall earn what he strives for. However, taking into account the interest of the country is much more important than being keen about the praises that come from here and there.

Indeed, medicine is bitter but it heals … Surgery is painful, but it is necessary to eliminate the disease. Therefore, instead of subjecting your governments to them, you had to bring them down, and take back Kuwait from them, as they made it like an isolated island in this world.

This is why the citizen today strives to travel abroad for recreation … to any country where he can smile and listen to songs freely without being disturbed by any of the crows of backwardness.

They are the ones who caused a massive exodus to abroad during every vacation, because they imposed strictness on the citizens. These citizens are the ones who you saw rush outside the country as soon as they receive the KD 3,000 grant, and during the long vacation when Kuwait closed all its institutions for more than a month and a half within four months, when it actually needs every hour of production.

More than a year ago, we told Your Highness that you should throw in the towel and leave this task to someone else. However, you thought that what you wanted would be obtained easily such as settlements and deals with the MPs, who were like someone who drinks from the sea but it does not quench his thirst, due to which he keeps asking for more.

You had to realize from the beginning that there is no government in the world that succeeds in this way, where an official cannot turn a blind eye to the systematic looting of public money through projects for which large sums of money are allocated, and which are not implemented with the required quality, but rather is like a pierced bag that consumes more money through the so-called change orders, and other doors of waste that are open wide in all state institutions.

You had to fight on all fronts for the sake of Kuwait, which has retrogressed in all aspects of life, starting from fighting bribery and nepotism, and undeserving appointments of people who have done much wrong to the country, electronic

applications that turned up during the COVID-19 pandemic and became a source for illegally usurping the public funds, and the inability to apply the law on everyone. On the other hand, in other Gulf countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, citizens conduct all their transactions from their homes without any hindrances or having to pay money without knowing where it goes.

In those countries, their governments were not intimidated by the increase in the number of residents over citizens, but rather worked to exploit this aspect and make them an added value to their economy, which developed over the years. Now, their non-oil incomes are almost equal to half of the national income.

This is due to the fact that they have opened up to others, as anyone can visit them through a visa that is issued within half an hour, which is not the case with us, as it seems a visitor to Kuwait is entering the Garden of Eden.

Your Highness, we have been hard on you in the past years, as we have been harsh on your counterparts when they failed. In all of that, we did not deviate from what was stated in the speech of His Highness the Amir regarding the government and the National Assembly.

The most important thing is that we hope Kuwait will return to its heights that made it an oasis of freedom and a source of inspiring and creative ideas, and not for it to be as it is today – closed and suffering from endless crises.

We want Kuwait to be our incubator and not a repellent so that we do not one day turn into migrant workers in other countries because our officials miscalculated and lacked insight.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times