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Russia warns: “Painful reprisal for curbs”

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MOSCOW, Feb 23: Russia threatened on Wednesday that it would retaliate for Western sanctions in a manner that would be “painful for the Americans.” The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the latest curbs on the nation would be “ineffective,” threatening painful reprisal particularly “for the American side.”

These sanctions will not affect Russia’s firm stance for protecting its interests, the ministry statement added. The Russian rhetoric came on the heels of announcements by several Western power slapping sanctions on Russian entities and individuals. It further lambasted the US saying Washington “no longer has in its stock but threats, intimidation and blackmailing for sake of enforcing its perception of the world order.” The Western curbs came in retaliation for Moscow’s military maneuvers in and around Ukraine and its recognition of two regions of Russian-speaking residents as independent entities in eastern Ukraine. (KUNA)

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