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Saturday , December 3 2022

Rush to buy the new iPhone 14 in Kuwait

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 18: While some electronics companies have started receiving pre-orders for the new iPhone-14 devices, other companies have started launching the latest models of the Apple Company in small quantities in order to meet the aspirations of the fans of this American brand in the local market to be among the first owners of those phones, in the midst of a rise in prices and the scarcity of available quantities, as is the usual case every year, reports Al-Rai daily.

In this regard, General Manager of Sales at Eureka Electronics Tariq Boufakhruddin explained that the prices on the first day of launch of iPhone-14 in the local market are considered high due to the high cost of companies, the high cost of shipping, and the keenness to provide devices to customers in Kuwait, even in small quantities.

The prices then return to normal within ten days after the launch through its availability in exhibitions, which is what Apple customers are accustomed to every year.

Meanwhile, the CEO of an electronic company in Kuwait said the competition for the iPhone-14 is great, amid the disparity in prices between companies depending on the sources from which the devices were purchased, their availability and their capacity.

He revealed the keenness of some companies to limit their orders to iPhone-14 Pro and iPhone-14 Pro Max without offering the regular iPhone-14 version.

He indicated a shortage of iPhones with large capacities ranging between 512 GB and 1 TB.

The CEO disclosed that the price of the iPhone-14 Pro with a capacity of 128 GB is about KD 550, compared to KD 590 for one with a capacity of 256 GB, and the price of an iPhone-14 Pro Max ranges between KD 615 for one with capacity of 128 GB and KD 650 for one with capacity of 256 GB.

He said he expects the prices to decrease by KD 30 to KD 40 in the local market within few days, and by about KD 100 eventually, depending on the quantities that will reach the local market.

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