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Tuesday , January 25 2022

Rumble in the health center between an employee and a visitor

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 7: A health center in Hawalli Governorate turned into a battlefield, when a heated quarrel broke out between a Kuwaiti citizen working in the center and an expat who went to health center for medical checkup, heated verbal argument quickly turned into exchanging blows causing both injuries in addition to the shattering of the front desk windows before the security patrols arrived and a case of assault was recorded.

The source said, “The health center workers rushed to inform the operations of the Ministry of Interior about the incident, so the security officers headed to the place of the report and upon their arrival took the employee to the district police station, while the other was transferred to Mubarak Hospital, to complete his treatment.”

The security source stated that after hearing the testimony of eyewitnesses, a case of exchange of assault was recorded. The reasons to start the fight are being investigated, medical reports are submitted, and legal measures are taken.

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