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Wednesday , December 7 2022

Riyadh acts to redefine flag

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Riyadh, Feb 1: Saudi Arabia is inching toward changes that govern its national anthem and green flag, which is emblazoned with a sword and inscribed with Islam’s creed as the birthplace of the faith. Late on Monday, the kingdom’s un-elected consultative Shura Council voted in favor of changes, state-run media reported. It comes as the country’s young crown prince emphasizes Saudi nationality and national pride.

While decisions by the council have no bearing on existing laws or structures, the vote is significant because its members are appointed by the king and their decisions often move in lockstep with leadership. Other state-linked media reported that the changes favor amending the system governing the flag, the slogan and the national anthem, but not its contents. The council has not disclosed further details.

Local media outlets also reported the proposed changes aim to more clearly define the proper uses of the state emblem, raise awareness about the importance of the flag and anthem and protect the flag from infringement or neglect. Last week, Saudi police arrested four Bangladeshi men for violating the Saudi flag, which carries the Islamic creed, after they were alleged to have dumped it in garbage.

The state-run Saudi Press Agency reported only that the Shura Council voted to approve a draft amendment to a nearly 50-year-old royal decree governing the flag. The amendment was proposed by council member Saad al-Otaibi and studied by a subcommittee before it was discussed among council members. The proposal comes amid rapid reforms that have transformed the once ultraconservative country. With backing from his octogenarian father, King Salman, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been striving to redefine Saudi identity, supplanting pan- Islamism with a national-cultural identity that is not solely defined by religion. In one such example, a royal decree was recently issued that marks Feb. 22 as Saudi Arabia’s Founding Day. (AP)

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