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Right for education for autistic child in Kuwait

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Firstly I would like to thank you for the excellent service you are running, I find it one of the most useful pages from newspapers. My question: I’m an expat living in Kuwait and I have a daughter who is autistic. We are struggling with her school admission and I wanted to know, from a legal point of view, do autistic kids have a right to be educated in the same schools as ‘normal’ kids? Or are their special schools only?

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Answer: The general principle is that every child has fundamental right to be educated. Building on this principle is the realization that all students have the ability to learn and will learn irrespective of their disability. Whereas we cannot cite amy law that prohibits autistic kids from being educated in normal schools, we are of the opinion that children suffering from autism will have their interests better served when they are admitted in schools that are specialised in dealing with children with special needs. In such schools, children can be imparted with professional expertise therapy and education, so they are able to unfold their potentials and be active members of their communities.

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