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Reverence of State or government of fluff

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KUWAIT is neither the United States nor the European Union that has a total of 27 countries as members. It is also not India or China with a population of more than one billion and with hundreds of political parties with different agendas.

In terms of its total area, Kuwait is smaller than even a city in large countries. Its population does not exceed one and a half million at best, if we include the Bedoun residents … “we are all village children and everyone knows who is who”.

Hence, the so-called national dialogue was a disappointment, and an overkill. Let the advisors who came up with this heresy in this country fear the Almighty and step aside.

His Highness the Prime Minister should instead admit to have taken the wrong path to address the challenges facing the country, and avoid casting blame on democracy, something that we have not seen for the past six decades other than going around a circle of backwardness.

Four members of the government have been in dialogue with four MPs concerning the return of four or seven fugitives abroad who violated the law and disregarded the judicial rulings. They are calling for a “national dialogue”, forgetting the financial crisis the country is facing because of the acrobatic games of the MPs that prevented the enactment of necessary legislation.

The Constitution also has been tossed out of the window despite its precise definition of powers and responsibilities. Instead, those in charge chose to go on an uncalculated frivolous adventure.

What would be the outcome of this “dialogue”? Isn’t it intended for the government’s acquiescence to the demands of the MPs, and the amendment of the electoral system after the amnesty, despite the conviction of a crime against the State Security, and the fact that the outcome will benefit some of the terrorists who are currently in prison? Will the rest of the parliamentary blocs accept this agreement?

Gentlemen, this is not democracy … indeed, it has nothing to do with it. Rather, it is an attempt to obliterate what remains of the reverence of the state, and to bring down the last strongholds of decisiveness in it.

This is due to the fact that dishonoring the judiciary by clipping its claws and preventing the implementation of its rulings means striking the foundation of justice in this state, and extinguishing the flame of hope that illuminates the path of young people who believe in their homeland and seek reform through self-efforts to stop the decline caused by political factions, either tribal or sectarian, and with the complicity of governments that saw nothing of power but “superstition”, prestige, and the appropriation of money.

On this occasion, I recall the time when the late Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem said to one of the Kuwaiti figures in the year 1961, “We are in the process of building a democratic state.” The individual responded by saying, “Kuwaitis are loving and harmonious. Their relationship with the ruling family is very good. Therefore, it is better to complete the process of valuing homes as the best way to distribute wealth, because it will benefit them, move the national economy, and slow down the issue of democracy”.

Indeed, the ailments of a distorted democracy that are incompatible with social culture began to appear from the beginning until the current situation that no one in the Gulf and the Arab world desires for us.

All the neighboring countries started with the process of progress and development after us. It was based on the vision of one man – the leader who used the most sincere and loyal people of his country to help him bear this great hardship.

This tough process was not initiated on the basis of tribal, sectarian and family quotas. Today, our neighbors are ahead of us by tens of light years, such as the United Arab Emirates, which reached space while we are still searching for a way to appease a certain fugitive convict or a certain embezzler of hundreds of millions at a time when our government seeks to secure the salaries of employees on a month-to-month basis.

Suppose that the deal succeeded with the return of the fugitives, what will the citizens and the country benefit from?

Wouldn’t it take us back to what they were about nine years ago? Will these people stop buying votes through overseas treatments, to the extent that one of them was given 1,100 overseas medical grants in one year in preparation for his re-election?

This heresy dialogue is rejected by the Kuwaiti majority because it will be at their expense. The shortest way to solve all these challenges is through firmness of the top leadership who is the father of the constitution and the authorities, and with the people of this country rallying behind him.

Nonetheless, the advisors who came up with this “national dialogue” heresy should go on a long vacation. In fact, it is better for them to retire because they have proven to treat a terminal illness with expired painkillers.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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