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Revalidation of degree

Good Day! … Firstly, I would like to thank Arab Times legal time to provide such excellent service, by providing best solutions on any issue.

My issue here is, that one of my friends (graduate) is working here in Kuwait for past 10 years, with same company. During this time, he applied for an online MBA degree and based on his qualification, same was granted to him from an University in USA in 2014.

Though he never needed any such degree for his job purpose, neither he has used it till date. The degree was just acquired just for records. Now, almost after 3 years, he is getting calls from different persons, saying they are calling from Ministry of Labour or Ministry of Education, and asking him to revalidate the degree, within 24 hours or so with very stringent requirements, which are impossible to get it done in 24 hours. Then during the call, they told somebody from the university, and made him speak, and then they offer to get the formalities done, against payment of $xxxxxx (huge amount), failing which they will prosecute him under various sections of law.

Also these people who say, calling from the ministry, do not give any contact number or address to visit them nor they put anything in writing. Now my question is, is it required to revalidate degree one is holding even if same was and is not used for any purpose. Secondly, what needs to be done, as these people seems to be dangerous, as they have complete details of my friends i.e. his office, his colleagues, his bosses etc. Lastly, the documents used by my friends for his job, were duly attested by Embassy of Kuwait in India and Ministry of Interior here in Kuwait, thus would he get into any kind of problem, for not getting the unused (MBA) degree revalidated.

Name withheld

Answer: There is no doubt that your friend is being haunted by fraudsters who have had access to some documents of his to use them to blackmail him. Let your friend contact the said university and ask to know if they have such policy of revalidation and what purpose served by such an exercise.

We give this advice upon the assumption that the said university is not in cahoot with these fraudsters. If it is, then the advise will not be of any use and in that case just ignore these fraudsters and the university: To be frank, we do not understand the involvement of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour especially as your friend has not used the MBA for the purposes of acquiring any job or seeking an upgrade in his present employment.

This leads us to the conclusion that the persons pestering him with phone calls are fraudsters. So once again we advise your friend just to ignore them since reporting them might not yield any result of signifi- cance as they are faceless.

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