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Residence still with previous company, can I resign from new company?

Thanks for your education on legal matters. My question is I joined a company last December but my iqama is still with my previous company. I didn’t sign any contract with the new company. As I want to quit my new job, are any legal formalities needed? Can my new company take any action against me. Please guide me. Thanks.

Name withheld

Answer: Both you and the new company are violating the laws of Kuwait by you working for a company which is not your sponsor and the company employing you without first making sure that you had sought for and granted a release by your current company.

In order not to continue breaking the law we advise that you regularize your situation by asking for a release from your sponsoring company on condition that you are qualified to ask for such a release and above all you have a new company ready to give you a job and sponsorship. As for the company you are working for now they have no claim on you and can never take any action against you.

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