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Residence Renewal – Two new services to be added next week

Temporary visa (Article 14) to residential visa and Features for Govt offices for residence related issues

KUWAIT CITY, May 6: The Residence affairs in the Ministry of Interior has been working in an systematic manner to provide renewal of residence service for expatriates through online to complete their renewal of residence accompanied by transaction procedures.

Company employers/representatives received to issue Username and Password

The steps to speed up online procedures came in due to disruption of work in ministries from corona crisis which has eased the suffering of visitors by reducing their effort from standing in long queues, going to various ministries, renewing their residence and paying fines. Now either from home or office using online service has made residence renewal procedures much easier and with great speed transactions are completed.

The General Administration of Residence Affairs in Al-Dajeej area is currently issuing company employers “Username” and “Password” to activate their account and complete the renewal of residence of employees listed in their firms. The procedure begins by taking appointment online based on reference, before entering the visitors hall the temperatures are checked and face-mask and gloves are told to use and allowed to enter the hall to finish the transaction of activating the company account within few minutes, after that the company employer goes and works remotely from his office to complete the transactions of his employees.

The Director General of Residency Affairs Hamad Rashid Al Tawala stated that in the event of a failure in the registration process, due to the lack of technology knowledge by the employer or familiarity with the online procedure, he is given an appointment for personal review or delegates one of his employees.

The administration receives 400 visitors a day during the appointment time over the working hours. Through his office, he practices his work in the renewal and follow-up of the system, and we have the renewal services, the residence of the domestic worker, and the renewal of individuals for domestic labor.

The public renews domestic work electronically, pays health insurance for the period, and pays fees online, without the need for review.

Regarding the renewal of residencies Al Tawala said, “More than 70,000 residences for Article 18 and more than 43,000 residences for Article 22 (Family residence related to wife and children) have been renewed since the system has been implemented in early 2019, and every time we launch a new service.

Two new services will be launched in the next week, the first is transfer from temporary residence to the permanent residence such as being a domestic worker whose residency has expired and has a temporary residence that can transfer from Article 14 to Article 20, along with the rest of the residencies, and the second is the renewal of residency of government employees according to the article, all representatives of government agencies, including the diplomatic sector, embassies, consulates and missions Aldbelomaseh to renew stays with in accordance with Article 17.

He stated that, since the decision to suspend work in government agencies due to corona virus crisis we receive visitors according to the health procedures and we are keen on social divergence, testing and initial temperature are checked before entering the visitors hall that accommodates 200 people. There is another hall and everyone wears the mask and gloves and sanitizing liquids are provided.

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