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Sunday , November 18 2018

Residence for baby born in Kuwait – Parents earning less then Kd 450

My husband and I are earning less than KD 450 and I will deliver my baby here in Kuwait in the month of January, so my questions are.

Is there a salary cap for applying for a visa for my baby in the new law 2016 while we are both under Visa 18.

If I can’t make visa for my baby, what will happen?

Name withheld

Answer: Residency for a newborn child is easy to acquire, there is no salary requirements or visa article exceptions. As long as both parents are in the country, the newborn child’s residency can be sponsored by the father.

On the other hand, if either parent is registered under “Domestic Labor,” the child will be deported alongside the mother or father or both, back to their native country.

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