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Saturday , December 10 2022

‘Research says some may have genetic immunity against corona’

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“SO FAR, there is no firm scientific evidence that some people are genetically immune to viruses and diseases in general. However, there are many medical and scientific researches that address the issue of the role of genes in susceptibility to disease in general, especially viral ones. For example, one of the researchers conducted experiments in this regard on some women in Nairobi to explain the reason for their natural immunity against HIV,” columnist Suad Fahad Al Moejil wrote for Al-Qabas daily.

“It was found that they have genetic immunity against infection with this disease. A Swiss doctor also conducted a study on some individuals infected with corona at the beginning of the pandemic to identify the reasons for the varying degree of infection between groups of families whose members were admitted with Covid-19.

“He came to a hunch that assumes that a group of genes responsible for regulating the immune system in humans could explain the reason for the difference in symptoms in some patients between simple symptoms and others that required intensive care.

“In addition to what was recently published in a scientific journal, indicated that a number of genes inherited from Neanderthals, which existed 50 thousand years ago and carried by some modern humans, may double the risk of contracting a severe form of Covid-19 disease.

“The studies and research published in this regard are many, and if the truth of any of these theories has already been confirmed, this means that humanity may now be going through an era of genetic screening according to the Darwinian theory, and on the occasion of talking about Darwin and his theory, it is worth noting here that there is a misunderstanding among some.

“In fact, what Charles Darwin concluded after many years of observations and science, the result of which was Darwin’s launch through his book ‘The Origin of Species’ (1859) of the theory of biological evolution, which states that all living things arise and develop through the process of natural selection for genetic mutations that are more likely to cross or have a role in increasing the organism’s ability to compete, reproduce, and then survive.

“The theory was based on basic principles of evolution through the process of natural selection. Most notably, organisms from each generation are often produced more than the number capable of continuing life. And that the chance of organisms that have genetic characteristics suitable for the surrounding environment in life is often higher.

“And based on such a condition of suitability to environmental variables in the battle for survival, and based on the conclusions of some scientists and doctors about the reasons why societies such as in Africa and East Asia are less affected and possibly infected with corona, the conclusion is that there is a possibility that indicates that humanity has become on the verge of becoming an era of biological screening according to the law of survival of the fittest.

“Until now, the issue of linking genes to the ability to resist diseases has remained under study and research, although there are semi-documented studies of a direct relationship between genes and specific genetic traits and the incidence of some diseases, ranging from cancer to infl uenza viruses, including corona.

“One of these studies from the Institute of Stanford Medical Discovery identified a group of human genes that resist infection with the coronavirus, and indicated that this might lead to an understanding of the factors that affect the severity of the disease, and the identification of molecules that are used for communication between cells to stimulate the protective defenses of the immune system.

“The summary of the talk is that researchers and scientists are getting closer, day after day, to agreeing on the role of genes and genetic traits in predisposing to infection with corona, and the fact that there are some people who have had a degree of immunity against the virus even before the outbreak of the epidemic.

“This necessitated the use of Darwinian theory which revived the dialectic anew between an opinion that sees inherited genetic mutations and their viability for survival as the criterion for the selection process and biological evolution. Another sees that evolution depends on cooperation between individuals and groups within societies, in addition to cultural traits regardless of the dominant opinion in this historical controversy, there are still indicators and observations from the time of Corona that confirm that there are individuals, genes or genetic mutations that have proven their superior ability to deal with this smart virus.”

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