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Wednesday , December 7 2022

Renewal of wife residence, but salary decreased

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My concern is, my wife came to Kuwait in June 2019 when my salary was KD 500, as I changed my company and my current salary is KD 350. Will I be able to renew my wife’s residence.

Name withheld

Answer: This is a difficult and tricky question as we have never encountered it. Indeed the question we’re often dealth with has been wanting to know if they could renew the residence of their families following a raise in the minimum salary requirement when they brought in their families on the old salary requirement.

In your case however, you brought in your wife when your salary met the minimum requirement but you are now earning a salary below the requirement as a result of change in company and not a change in the minimum salary required where the principle of non-retroactivity could be applied in your favour. Our advice to you therefore, is that when the time for renewal is due go ahead with the processes and let the officials at the General Department of Residency Affairs decide your fate.

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