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Remember and don’t repeat

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In order not to forget a big and dangerous issue, and at the same time wish it not to be repeated, the Lebanese say: ‘We remember and don’t repeat it’.

It is difficult to forget the invasion and occupation of Saddam that took place 31 years ago, especially for those who lived through the events of those terrifying days. Within hours, everyone was humiliated and put at the mercy of a group of dacoits and murderers who controlled our fate and our homeland we honored.

The experience of Iraq’s invasion and occupation of Kuwait is unprecedented in human history, when the invader did not find a single citizen of the country he invaded to accept and cooperate with him, contrary to the positions taken by some belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, not because the Kuwaitis were different people, but mostly because of their confidence that their living conditions will be close to hell, under the despicable Saddam’s occupation.

Even if we believe in the validity of what the Muslim Brotherhood representatives claim that they also refused to cooperate with Saddam, and did not accept his offer to rule Kuwait instead of the Al-Sabah family, this claim is basically meaningless.

These wolves are not naive to believe the promises of that buried tyrant, and they knew very well that he will have lunch with them at the first opportunity; therefore, their claim of patriotism now holds no water.

The truth is none of the ‘Brothers’ believe in a homeland. All their literature, speeches, and statements were, and still are, directed towards Islamic unity and not loyalty, and the statement of Brotherhood guide Mohammad Akef that ‘Whatever Egypt, who cares’  still echoes in the ears of every Egyptian.

I saw the footage of the cruel occupation events — pictures of the victims, martyrs, the bereaved, the demonstrations condemning the occupiers, the gallows, the burnt out skeletons of cars and destroyed houses, the killing of the resistance fighters, the sabotage of government interests and checkpoints or control, the psychological and physical starvation that the Iraqi soldier was suffering from, the lack of security, the closing of banks, the disappearance of necessary medicines, and looting the associations.

I still remember the scarcity of cash in our hands, the confusion of millions of residents and most of them losing their future, especially from the working class, and a sense of oppression and injustice when listening to the radio stations of Yemen, Algeria, Tunisia, the Sudan and the Palestinian media and newspapers affiliated to them, in addition to the Jordanian sometimes negative stance, and often very hostile to our tragedy and attacking our national leadership.

This happened although their citizens who were once the dearest family, friends and brothers, so how did they turn into enemies within hours, and the one who was described as the enemy became the friend, and stood with us at the United Nations to support our rights, and who refused to use his right to respond to Saddam’s missiles against his country, his people, his cities, and his security, so as not to provoke the ‘Arab mobs’ more, and that was one of the few times that Israel exercised self control and did not respond.

Note: Some tweets rejoicing the return of the Taliban who are one of the most unjust groups of men who are known to discriminate and violate women’s rights, is clear evidence of the misery of the situation of these cheering people, intellectually, politically… and humanely.

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By Ahmad alsarraf