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Friday , February 26 2021

Recipe for fraud, forgery


On July 30, we wrote an article stating that forgery of documents and official papers, such as diplomas, are not subject to statute of limitations, in light of the decision issued by the Minister of Justice in his capacity as head of the Zakat House and requested the manager of the House to delete the title PhD preceded by the name A.R., who is a member in the Sharia Department of the House.

Due to controversy in social media, the Director-General of the Zakat House issued a clarification saying that the person concerned with the Minister’s decision voluntarily waived the title of Doctor, and that he is not an ‘employee’ in the house, and does not receive any money from the Zakat House for the title of Doctor.

In our article, we mentioned that this is an excuse that is uglier than sin and wondered if I could legally add to my titles ‘consultant brain surgery’, and I am not held accountable as long as I am not paid for the title? Did the director want to convince us that the “unapproved” doctorate did not have a role in choosing a man for his position in the Sharia Committee at the House?

We do not know why our media volunteered and mentioned that the person concerned waived the title of Doctor voluntarily, knowing that this is not true. His statement was an “insult” to the decision of the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Awqaf, who “ordered” the withdrawal of the title Dr from a non-entitled person, and this would not have happened had not there been any doubt about the validity of the doctorate.

What is important is that our article above coincided with another article by colleague Badr Al-Bahr related to the same subject, and the decision of the Minister of Justice to withdraw the title of doctorate, and the two articles could have passed without a fuss, but who thought that the articles were meant for him and felt he was insulted, therefore he decided to sue me and my colleague Badr.

As expected, the Court of First instance ‘threw’ out the case but he not only refused the verdict but also wanted to defame himself more. He went to the Appeals Court, which in turn acquitted me and colleague Badr al-Bahr of the charge. The brother who is not a doctor has the right to resort to the Court of Cassation and we believe that the verdict will again be in our favor.

Despite wrongdoing, this false doctor does not feel ashamed like thousands of others who hold fake certificates and this reflects the painful situation we are living in, and the suspicious government silence.

Keeping the situation as it is, it is a recipe for increased fraud, corruption and forgery, and explicit encouragement to others to enter the bazaar of fake or non-accredited certificates.

What happened last Monday is indeed surprising when the Court of Appeals ruled in favor of some certificate holders from the American University of Athens stating  their validity while on the same day and same time the court rejected the certificates of others. Who will protect us?

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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