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Rain-hit roads turn into motorists trap, threatening life and property

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Flying gravel from rain-hit roads damage the cars of motors and accidents occur as motorists stop suddenly on the roads threatening lives of the drivers

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 13: The recent heavy rains revealed the shortcomings of the Ministry of Public Works and exposed the errors and violations committed over the years concerning infrastructure projects, especially roads.

The roads in Kuwait have turned into traps for motorists causing severe damage to life and property, but it is not fair to entirely blame the Minister of Public Works Dr Jinan Boushehri for the issue, because most of the problems- including the flying pebbles and damaged asphalt, are as a result of previous mistakes.

Boushehri took the relevant step from the moment she assumed responsibility of the ministry in an attempt to rectify the shortcomings, which the Ministry of Public Works and Public Authority for Roads and Land Transportation is partly to blame.

The flying pebble issue started in the winter of 2014 during the term of the then Minister of Public Works Engineer Abdulaziz Al-Ibrahim who formed a fact-finding committee technical to deal with the situation.

The committee concluded that asphalt used in paving the roads was not up to standard, coupled with insufficient time to conduct the necessary road works due to traffic jam, and lack of proper follow up by engineers of the projects.

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