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Friday , February 21 2020

Raids net many violators – Workload divided

KUWAIT CITY, July 18: The Public Relations Department at Kuwait Municipality has announced the continuation of campaigns by Shift B at the Lifting Violations Section of the Municipality Branch in the Capital Governorate, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Director of the department Abdulsuhssen Aba Al-Khail stressed that the Municipality is keen on continuing these campaigns to eliminate violations and take action against those proven to have committed violations.  He urged citizens and expatriates to communicate with the Municipality through its social media account @kuwmun.

On the other hand, Head of the Lifting Violations Section Eng Abdullah Jaber said the Shift B members carried out a campaign during which they were divided into three groups in order to speed up completion of the task and to get the best results.

He disclosed the first group was in charge of inspecting food items and destroying expired products, indicating this resulted in confiscation and disposal of five tons of expired food products found in stores in Al-Rai and Shuwaikh.

He added the second group focused on a plot that contained 39 coolers and issued eight citations for various violations included the opening of a store without a license and violating health regulations. He revealed the group found used tyres stored along with foodstuff while the laborers spend the nights on the roof of the store.

He went on to say the third group checked stores in Al-Rai where 66 coolers containing foodstuff were discovered in stores which violated health regulations.

Meanwhile, the department announced achievements of the ‘Your Health is our Responsibility’ campaign carried out before and during Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr.

This campaign led to confiscating and destroying 14 tons and 324 kgs of spoiled foodstuff in Kuwait City.

Also, Director of the Public Hygiene and Road Occupancy Department at Jahra Municipality Fahd Al-Qraifa said the campaign resulted in lifting 17,461 cubic meters of waste, replacing 472 containers and lifting 68 cars.

Director of the Audit and Follow-up Department at Capital Municipality Eman Al-Kandari disclosed they confiscated and destroyed 14 tons of expired foodstuff in addition to the inspection of 415 shops and stores.  Al-Kandari added the inspectors issued 62 citations concerning foodstuff as well as referred 468 samples to the laboratories. She said the results showed that 460 samples are safe for consumption while the result of eight samples have not arrived yet.

She also confirmed issuance of 212 export certificates to GCC countries in addition to 74 export certificates outside the GCC countries. She added the collected fees reached KD 2,890 indicating that 576 advertisements have been removed from the streets and the squares and 76 citations in this regard were issued.

Meanwhile, Department of Monitoring and Follow-up of Municipal Services in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Municipality launched intensive inspection campaigns in cooperatives societies of the governorate, as well as shops and restaurants in Qurain Market. The campaigns resulted in issuance of 26 citations and destruction of 615 kgs of expired food items, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Director of the department Dhaidan Al-Adwani explained in a press statement on Sunday that 15 citations were issued for various violations including non-adherence to hygiene-related regulations, storage of expired food items and having employees who do not have health certificates. Also, 11 citations were issued for placing advertisements for activities before they were licensed, putting up advertisements without license, and non-renewal of licenses.

And, the Public Relations Department of Kuwait Municipality elaborated the achievements realized by various departments of Kuwait Municipality through the “Your Health is Trust “ campaign, which was held before and during the month of Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr holidays.

The department revealed that the campaign resulted in removal of 440 violating advertisements in Jahra Governorate and 23,000 cubic meters of debris in Capital Governorate.

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