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Saturday , October 24 2020

Qatar … Trump, Gulf crisis!

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

THE Amir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad recently visited the United States where he met the US President Donald Trump in an atmosphere that clearly depicted strong ties between the two countries. The Amir was received warmly with honor befitting of his status.

I followed up the communique issued after the meeting and the multi-billion deals for massive military hardware. I don’t know when this kind of situation will stop, because the size of Qatar, its topography and human framework does not make it suitable for going into serious wars. It is clear that those deals are more political than military, even if they’re shrouded in military toga!

Qatar and the countries boycotting her will not gain anything from the unfortunate and sad crisis. We are aware that the countries share a lot of things far beyond the passing crisis but when will the decision makers of the feuding countries stop attracting real danger to the region? Doesn’t the danger of Iran (for instance) call for looking up to Tehran for proposals on a table to embarrass the Persian state politically? Doesn’t she always call for peace by sitting on a table for negotiation to resolve the contentious issues? It is then that those who seek or oppose peace will be revealed. This is far better than exploiting the region on negotiation tables with countries that employ blackmail openly and with disgust!

I always wonder what the super powers want from the Gulf countries. Saddam Hussein was the threat and now Iran. Another important question is: Do the countries of the region try to escape the cloak of the super powers in order to start handling things in their own way? Won’t the procured multi-billion weapons waste away in stores? Don’t they have better ways of dealing with Iran and other countries? It seems that confidence is the missing factor in their relationship with each other, and in the absence of trust, we should remember the story of “I was consumed the day the white fox was consumed”!

Absolutely, no procurement of weapons can benefit Qatar or countries boycotting her, so their fate is one. Whenever any of the feuding countries is hurt, all other countries will share from it. The countries that are benefiting from the impasse are outside the Gulf region; such as Turkey that got a golden opportunity to venture into the Gulf waters due to the prevailing crisis, which will end sooner or later.

Of course, Turkey’s entry is not free of charge, and the political and financial cost is massive on the long-term. Turkish forces will restore the Ottoman presence in the region when they enter and it would be difficult to go out. I believe that officials of the feuding countries are fully aware of this possibility, and this is the reason why I want Qatar to adopt a different policy toward its neighbors, regardless of whether it is in a good or bad position of the crisis, because none of Turkey, Iran or even the United States is as close to Qatar as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE. I hope the point I am trying to make is clear.

Activating and upholding the Kuwaiti initiative is the best solution that serves the interests of all, because it serves nobody’s interest for the sad crisis to persist. Those countries share more similarities than differences. I am not talking about mere passion but policy and strategic motives. Everybody can meet at a common point today but who can guarantee tomorrow?


By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

“It is enough that you knock on the door or have a peep from the window … It is not necessary for you to preambulate.” (Charlotte Gray)

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