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Qatar … ‘for you cannot cut through the earth nor reach the mountains in height’

DOES the Qatari administration think that the misrepresentation and bluffs of its mouthpieces, or the fake tears over a Saudi infant who was barred from accompanying his Qatari mother to visit his father who lives 100 kilometers away, or another from Bahrain or the United Arab Emirates, will change the proven fact of Qatar’s support for terrorism?

The child is still with his family and relatives. His father can see him any time through the social networking platforms. Did Qatar think such tears will change the fact that it contributed in carrying out several destructive operations in some countries through its support and funding?

Today, all we can hear from Qatar is the media lamentation and wails over the isolation procedures implemented by three Gulf countries as well as Egypt, which has been suffering for years from Doha’s practices.

Even though we, in the GCC, are not happy about where this issue has reached, we cannot continue burying our heads in the sand and avoid acknowledging the bitter truth concerning the Qatari behavior.

Nonetheless, these countries took such drastic steps only when things got out of hand, and after Qatar closed all doors of understanding by disregarding its obligations towards agreements and pacts as well as international conventions, especially those against sheltering of terrorist groups or providing support and funds to them.

For instance, would Qatar be happy if suicide bombers detonate their explosives in the houses of Allah there like they did at the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque in Kuwait or some mosques in Saudi Arabia, and kill innocent worshippers in those mosques?

Does Qatar become happy when the Houthis commit crimes against its people and prevent them from seeking medical services especially those who contracted the cholera epidemic which continues to kill scores of Yemenis? Was Qatar happy when 23 Egyptians in Libya were slaughtered by members of DAESH which is supported by Qatar?

Was Qatar really striving towards solidifying relations with Jordan when the group it funds burnt alive the Jordanian pilot Muath Al-Kasaasiba and killed several Jordanian soldiers in one of the Syrian refugee camps, or when a son decided to kill his parents because they are “infidels”, or when a father wrapped his child with explosives and detonated them among innocent people?

Does Qatar consider the murder of thousands of Americans in the 9/11 incident as humane? What about the bombing of residential complexes for Americans in Khobar and Riyadh, the slaughtering and chopping off the heads of the innocent by the groups of individuals whom Doha consider as freedom fighters?

Does supporting DAESH, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood Group in Egypt and Libya as well as displacing 12 million Syrians and killing about half a million people help nations in achieving their rights?

Or was all of that just a cover for a political role that stands on the skulls of humans and is written with blood? Regardless of how high your status reaches, it will still be limited in the international committee, which dictates the sizes of countries, the strength of their relations and their participation in the world economy.

Qatar should have realized that the world was not oblivious to what was happening behind the glamorous slogans, especially those it raised in alleged support of nations for achieving their rights or freedom, when at the same time, Qatar was supporting terrorist and extremist groups to commit horrific massacres in Libya, Syria and Iraq, and destroy countries and their infrastructure.

Doha should remember the plans made by groups linked to it and Tehran against Bahrain. It should realize how the destructors killed policemen in cold blood with knives and swords, as well as the massacre committed by the Muslim Brotherhood Group at Rabaa al-Adawiya Square in Cairo.

Indeed, there is a crisis in the region. Before Qatar starts pretending to weep over the measures, its media and those backing it as well as the social media should know that Qatar is the one that supports the horrific crimes committed in the region and strives to push the GCC countries into the hell of conflicts from which these countries have nothing to gain.

Even if we assume that the Qatari news agency was hacked, would the Qatari administration deny that the speech delivered by its Amir at the United Nations was based on the same ideology of the so-called fabricated speech? Isn’t it the same ideology that Qatar stands for?

We hoped that the Qatari administration would give itself a chance and listen to the sound of wit instead of being stubborn. Stubbornness will not achieve anything except more isolation measures until Qatar comes to the realization that it can never rule the world through its interferences either in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, the GCC countries or even in Africa.

Qatar should realize it cannot change the fact described by Allah in the noble Quran — “And do not go about in the land exultingly, for you cannot cut through the earth nor reach the mountains in height”.

Regardless of its illusionary image of being strong and able, Qatar will always be a small country with limited role. Therefore, it should get rid of its suicidal politics and return to consistence of its word both openly and in secret especially when it comes to dealing with the GCC countries in order to preserve the Gulf house. It should stop playing with the fire of illusion, because by doing so, it is playing with its own destiny more than the destiny of the entire region.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times



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