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Qasim Sulaymani, an epitome of Iran lunacy

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE Iranian ‘Tasbih’ of threats has returned to action, either through its agents or directly by the leadership of the Mullah regime, against the GCC countries, Arabs and Sunnis in general.

The only new addition is that Commander of ‘Pistachio and Caviar’ Corps Qasim Sulaymani has been working on training forces from sectarian recruits and Hezbollah in Iraq to destabilize the security of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

This is the same trend of action taken by the espionage and destructive cells previously shredded by some GCC countries, including Kuwait.

It is true that we are used to threats and display of force which the Mullah regime has been practicing against us for the past 37 years, but the previous situation was under the control of a certain international equilibrium, especially during the Iraqi-Iranian war which prevented escalation of the situation to the level of changing the geographical border. Although the GCC and Iraqi wealth and reserves were depleted such that KD 600 billion was spent on the war between two devils Saddam and the Mullah regime, the situation today is quite different.

After the US-Israeli green light for Iran to invade Iraq and Syria, they also ignored interferences in Yemen and several other Arab countries. In our current situation, it is very important for the GCC countries to benefit from the past, particularly the 1980s when Iran deliberately executed terrorist actions in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

It reached the level of bombing pilgrims in Makkah. In those days, the international community did not act, as they rather ignored how the Mullah regime was terrorizing the rest of the Arab nations, especially Lebanon where Hezbollah transformed into de facto decision maker in that country. Today, it is imperative for us to seriously observe the activities of Sulaymani and other senior officers of the Revolutionary Guard in Iraq.

We should not rely on assurances from the US and the West, from which we have never benefitted except further freedom of action by agents and adherents of the Mullah regime within the entire region.

Washington, in the eight-devil-years of war, agreed with Tel Aviv to leave it to continue until destruction of the abilities of the two nations whereby four million people fell victims including the dead, injured and those who migrated.

Today, it drowned Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen in chaos and waves of millions of immigrants threatening to change the deep demographics that will loosen with its darkness on the approved Middle East. Under such circumstances, belittling and underrating are no longer acceptable; considering that threat to Kuwait does not mean Bahrain or Saudi Arabia or the opposite, but aggression on any one of them stretches to the whole GCC countries.

Certainly, the principle, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’, is no longer valid in view of the current circumstances. Experience has taught us that whoever was a friend and historical ally — the United States — has been overwhelmed by her temporary interest at the expense of our security and stability especially if that serves her spoiled son (Israel). The only fixed thing in her policy is keeping security of that entity at the expense of all Arab countries without exception.

Therefore, we cannot bet on this hesitant ally. The GCC States are not weak; they have a lot of power elements which they can use to confront Iran. They have proven their capabilities and quick movement through several tests during the past months.

Was there any authority that imposed its will on Yemen, or through the Arab-Islamic coalition which was maneuvering ‘North Lightning’ — one of the aspects of its force? The confrontation will not be with the GCC countries only, but with a significant number of Arab countries led by Egypt, Morocco, Jordan and others.

If Iran engages in war on sectarian basis, it cannot challenge about 1.2 billion Sunni Muslims, but the most important thing is the Mullah regime is trying to make its people busy with crises and worries over internal living conditions. The series of limited interferences are currently unable to absorb the anger over human losses that it is paying in Syria and Iraq. How will it justify to its people that the war with the Islamic world will be in their favor?

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

Email: ahmed@aljarallah.com

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