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Wednesday , April 14 2021

Protest fever comes to Iran

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE spark of increasing fuel price ignited the popular uprising against the Mullah regime that has been boasting about exporting revolution to the Arab and Muslim worlds for 40 years. The regime has been claiming arrogantly to be an invincible superpower in the region.

However, within 24 hours of the popular wrath, Iranians burned the headquarters of the Revolutionary Guard, banks associated with it, the ‘Basej’, several official headquarters, and pictures of Khomeini and Khamenei. Millions of people took to the streets in a scene not much different from what happened in 1978 when the Iranians came out under the current situation to demonstrate against the rule of the Shah – Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. It only stopped when the Shah went into exile.

Today, a similar scenario is repeating; the only difference is that the uprising nation witnessed with their own eyes how their revolution was wasted for four decades on supporting militias and sectarian gangs to carry out mock schemes aimed at reviving an empire which had been consumed and immersed in the dust of major global changes for centuries.

This ancient empire became a lesson for anyone who seeks colonial expansion, but the idiot failed to learn the lesson. This is exactly what the peacock vanity system was supposed to learn, as leaders came to the point of boasting control over four Arab capitals.

In line with the Arab proverb which translates: “The first blow came from my father’s house,” the first blow came from the pearl of their scheme – Baghdad. Iraqis in most of their cities, especially the Shiite areas, declared war on this occupation regime; burning the headquarters of its puppet militias and consulates.

In Beirut, the popular uprising, which has been continuing for 33 days, is another heavy blow to the snake’s head of Hezbollah under the pretext of ‘resistance’ which expelled and assassinated personalities and leaders of national resistance when Israel controlled a huge area in South Lebanon.

After that, this group separated the Lebanese Shiites from the rest of the nation under the pretext of having a nurturing environment. However, today it has backfired especially when the Lebanese Shiites appeared to curse the group describing it as the protector of a corrupt and wicked gang.

The uprisings in Iraq, Lebanon and Iran have proven that such axis is not more than a regional Mafioso whose head is in Tehran and tails are in Sanaa, Damascus and Beirut where preparation for the burial of the sectarian quota system as a preliminary step towards declaration of the Third Republic is ongoing.

Indeed, within 24 hours, the Iranians took inspiration from Iraqi and Lebanese uprising tactics. In the past few days, they have been directing all their anger towards where it should be. On the other hand, all the suppressing tactics used by the regime forces failed to extinguish the volcanic wrath which continues to spread, casting its larva on terror and corruption mafias in 107 Iranian towns that have been suffering due to continuous degradation.

The charm of revolutionary chants has turned against the arrogant magician. Here we are as this charm continues to fade among the Arab followers of the Shiite creed and recklessness of the sectarian bigotry regime, affirming that everything in this creed has nothing to do with the regime.

In addition to all the deviations introduced by devils of the medieval caves, the Mullahs have been looting and systematically impoverishing about 80 million Iranians for the last four decades.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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