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Charlatans melodic on ‘Days’ – Air tours, sees end

The Charlatans, “Different Days” (BMG) There are two parts to The Charlatans’ 13th album, “Different Days” — the first with sunny melodies and the other which samples their roots in Manchester’s baggy dance scene. Opener “Hey Sunrise” leads with acoustic guitars and has a melancholy air like The Church’s “Under …

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Mobil-KAICO hosts dealers’ meeting at Radisson Blu Hotel

KUWAIT CITY, May 24: Kuwait Automotive Imports Co WLL (Al Shaya & Al Sagar) KAICO, exclusive distributor of ExxonMobil Lubes in Kuwait since 1950, recently hosted its key dealers meeting with 50+ Mobil lubes dealers/business partners of KAICO who graced the occasion and one of the Dealer won the prize …

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Qatar it’s time for the ‘truth’

MISTAKEN is the one who portrays the relations between Qatar and other Gulf states to be based only on political and economic interests. The truth is these relations are primarily based on kinship, alliance and mutual destiny. In fact, this is the case with every Gulf nation. This is why …

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