Procedure to transfer from Article 22 (Dependent Visa ) to Article 18 (Work Visa)

What is the procedure to transfer from Article 22 visa to Article 18?

When my wife came to Kuwait, she had work visa (18). After 4 years we changed this to dependent visa (22) now going to complete 2 years. We are planning to change this visa to work visa (18) is it possible?

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Answer: Yes, it is possible to change your wife’s dependent visa (22) to work visa (18). Granting that she gets a job offer, you as husband and therefore her sponsor, will need to give her a release letter so that the company which has offered her a job can apply for a work permit for her.

When this is done your wife will sign a contract with the company and provide the required documents to the mandoub who will do the rest of the work at the Immigration Department of the Public Authority for Manpower and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

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