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Printing presses bad luck

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Bad luck hit the printing presses with the expansion of advertising in the social media and reading news online. The future now hangs in the balance and the need for newspapers is decreasing day by day.

In the past, all state publications were produced through printing press, which was located in the basement of the former Ministry of Information building, in the Al-Sawaber area, before moving its offices to Shuwaikh.

With the slackness of state agencies and the inability of the government’s printing press to develop and follow developments in the world of printing, various government agencies began to dispense with their services, either by entrusting their business to private printing presses, or purchasing their own printing presses, until the number of presses by various government agencies reached twelve.

Despite the strange number of a relatively small country, the reason is known, it was not in the interest of certain parties to develop the government printing press, with the inability of this party to develop itself, and thus the two wills converged, perhaps involuntarily, in the interest of corruption through tenders of millions.

Needless to say, imagine the amount of waste, damage, thefts, and the high administrative cost of all this large number of government presses in a country that has recently been trying, with great effort to move away from the list of the most corrupt countries.

If any party made an inventory of the money that was spent on printing the publications of the government of the State of Kuwait during the past half century, such as volumes, textbooks, advertising materials, official documents, driving licenses, car ownership books, equipment and hundreds of other materials, not to mention the cost of renting sites and purchasing equipment, and the salaries of the military personnel of army, we will find that the amount is ten times greater than the cost of the publications of a country larger than us.

Finding where to start reducing waste doesn’t take much time; things are clear before our eyes.

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By Ahmad alsarraf