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Friday , February 21 2020

‘Prevent the return of ISIS’


‘Reforms today’s need’

I believe that I was the only one, at least locally, who insisted from day one of the declaration of the “Islamic State” by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi that it was a sound religious process, consistent with what is known about Sharia, and no regional or international state was founded. “I am a reader of history. It is inconceivable that all those who fought in the ranks of the Islamic State, sacrificed their lives.”

They are still sacrificing their lives and sacrificing their families because Israel, America or even Iran asked them to do so. The absence of the media, the audiovisual, the hatred of Muslims to codify in absence of real historians, have obscured the history of such movements.

We have only received crumbs from them, and perhaps the state of Hassan Al-Sabbah, similar to the project of Islamic countries. He was born in Iran in 1037 AD and came to Ismailia as a young man. He left behind manuscripts in his handwriting, enabling scholars to know a lot about his movement. He stated that he decided to spread his doctrine in Persia after returning from a visit to Egypt in 1078 AD.

He chose, after a painstaking search he found the fortified “Alamut Castle”, which is located at a height of 2,100 meters, as a place to manage his call. His influence spread into many neighboring areas. He remained in the castle until he died 35 years later, without ever leaving, because he was afraid in the event of failure, the people would kill him and commit massacres.

The success of the assassination of the minister began in 1092, followed by a series of major assassinations involving kings, princes, leaders and clerics. His call continued after his death in 1124 until Hulagu Khan conquered the Alamut Castle in 1256 and destroyed his terrorist movement.

The Islamic State now faces something like a collapse and its end is a matter of time. US President Donald Trump and the great European countries have demanded the reception and trial of the 800 Kurdish ‘martyrs’ loyal to America.

What prevents Trump from taking in prisoners, or evicting them or deporting them to a place that will never be heard of, knowing well that whoever will be imprisoned will be heard of after interrogation and a lot will be known about the corrupt state.

The story of the British ‘Shamima Begum’ who fled to Syria to be a ‘fun tool’ for ISIS fighters, gave birth to three children before the age of twenty. Who was behind her escape from Britain and join the DAESH movement? Was it the idea of the US, Iran or the Israeli intelligence?

This ISIS will inevitably end, and we should benefit from the experience and prevent its recurrence, by seriously considering the amendment of the curricula in the schools and the development of advocacy and media discourse, and to give more freedom to say.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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