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Friday , November 27 2020

President Macron, save Lebanon, not Hezbollah

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

PERHAPS the French presidency should hear the voice of the Lebanese before giving a life jacket to the source of the scourge in Lebanon. By this, we are talking about Hezbollah, which struck the national immunity by imposing the logic of the Iranian-paid statelet on five million citizens, and hijacking the country at a time when it is celebrating its first centenary since the declaration of the “State of Lebanon”.

After a hundred years of this entity, its people are refusing to return to the mentality of alliances and warlords while their leaders employ thugs to suppress the people.

In the 1970s, France had attempted to do what is trying to do today in Lebanon. It gave shelter to Khomeini – the virus of sedition and terrorism – and provided a platform to deceive the Iranians by promising them a just Islamic Republic where they would obtain all their rights.

However, the Iranians later discovered that all they received was deprivation and starvation to the extent that an Iranian has become a pariah whenever he goes in this world.

There is no doubt that the current circumstances differ from what they were forty years ago, in light of the tremendous scientific and technological development.

Therefore, the methods used during that stage are no longer useful today. The international map has completely changed, and it would be a great mistake if Paris seeks a foothold in the region and repositions itself from Lebanon by flirting with Hezbollah and appeasing the Tehran regime.

This is due to the fact that the centers of power are no longer what they were in 1920 when it announced the establishment of this entity. The Lebanese people no longer see them as a “savior”.

Today, Lebanon has relations with the East and the West. There is an elite group that is well aware of the dangers of pumping oxygen to this terrorist group, which is on its deathbed.

Several factions are affected by the fateful threat that Hezbollah represents. They will not accept that they are driven like cows to the altar of French interests, especially since there are several Arab and international powers actively involved in Lebanese affairs, and these powers will not accept this virus to continue by spreading the pandemic of terrorism in the region.

What the Lebanese are asking for is very simple. They want a civil state that is free and independent, can possess arms, and take decisions related to war and peace, equality and citizenship.

Nonetheless, this kind of a civil state will not be achieved as long as there is a militia that continues to terrorize other social components under the slogan of protecting the rights of certain sects.

Therefore, it would be nice if France, as “a loving mother” in the words of the Lebanese, would reconsider the medicine its president prescribes, because it would poison the Lebanese body more than curing it, and refuse the maneuvering that Nasrallah is currently practicing. He is looking for rescue, and France will be making a mistake if it throws a life jacket to Nasrallah.

Lebanon needs a renaissance without any kind of deals and settlements that have proven to fail in the past decades.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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