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Pot calling kettle black – I am a denier …

A statement said to have been issued by the leaders of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood movement in Cairo comes at a time when the region is in turmoil accompanied by painful events and pressure mounting on the movement’s cadres in more than one country.

This means the financial might and the media power of the movement is diminishing. The statement, if assumed true since it has not been denied by anyone, contains insults hurled at several parties and looks like nothing less than a declaration of war by a terrorist organization against legitimate governments.

Because of the lack of space here, we will not provide the entire statement, but will only touch upon the following paragraph: “The Muslim Brotherhood movement deeply resented Saudi Arabia hurling accusations at it and branding the movement terrorist clothed in violence.

“The movement has been deploring ‘false accusations’ saying since its inception the movement has enjoyed healthy relations with the peoples of the Gulf and its rulers.”

The statement added, the movement through its supporters, sympathizers and members, has offered to these people great cultural, scientific, educational, political, and economic and social services that can be denied only by the ungrateful.

Since, I am a denier and ungrateful in the eyes of those who represent the Brotherhood, I have the right to explain why.

First, the Muslim Brotherhood is not, of course, that innocent as the author of the statement has tried to portray the movement. There is no love lost between the movement and violence and this is not necessarily something new. We have seen this happening over the ages instead of promoting peace and love among mankind.

One of their film directors claim the movement has not fired a single bullet contrary to the history of the movement since 1928 until the events of Rabaa Al-Adawiya in Egypt and dozens of other terrorist acts which include murder in addition to assassinations carried by the movement’s secret wing under orders from Supreme Guide Hassan Al-Banna, al-Sindi and others.

Secondly, the statement that the movement enjoys good relations and bonds of love with the peoples of the Gulf is denied by the judiciary after finding their leaders and activists guilty in the UAE on charges of conspiring against the security of the country.

Add to this the position adopted by the movement during the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait at the Lahore conference in Pakistan. The movement was against the West liberating Kuwait from the despicable occupation of Saddam.

If at all what you say about love and harmony with the peoples of the Gulf countries holds water, why the movement’s leaders have not been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize?

Third, that the group through its sympathizers, lovers and affiliates has promoted culture and helped make progress at the scientific, educational, political, economic level in addition to promoting social bonds, this is the joke of the century too good to even take into consideration.

We thank the Knights of the Movement in Kuwait for promoting ‘culture, education and economy’ in addition to other services they have provided to other GCC states, because this gave us an opportunity to respond to their allegations.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the reason for backwardness of the cultural movement and the death of the artistic movement; destruction of economy because the movement introduced strange economic ideas tinted with odd fatwas — the fatwas that were tailored by their clerics for the benefit of their financial institutions and the miserable situation of the majority of the companies owned by them is crystal clear where embezzlement of funds is the order of the day.

Let us not forget their destructive role in the educational curricula which has sent hundreds of young men to their death.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf


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