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Wednesday , December 7 2022

Population imbalance issue set to top Cabinet’s agenda – ‘Issuance of several decisions vital’

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 28: Remedying the lopsided population structure is on top of the agenda for this week’s Cabinet session presided over by HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak, reports Al-Anba daily quoting a source close to the Cabinet.

The source explained that remedying the lopsided population structure will be done according to a system through which several ministries will participate to ensure an objective outcome that solves the current negativity in the labor market.

According to the source, addressing the lopsided population structure issue necessitates the issuance of several decisions such as more regulations on issuing work permits. He affirmed the decision to limit the issuance of work permits yielded positive results; in addition to more regulations on renewal of work permits which take into account the age, academic achievement and specialization as basic conditions.

Two weeks ago, the daily reported that executive decisions for remedying the lopsided population structure will be issued soon.

In response to the question on the mechanism of dealing with dummy companies which are considered to be the main reason behind imbalance in the population structure, the source revealed there is inclination towards establishing a labor court to decide on cases concerning dummy companies; especially in relation to marginalized laborers who enter Kuwait through such companies without providing them jobs.

The source highlighted the achievements of Kuwait in protecting the rights of foreign laborers, a move praised by international labor organizations.

The source pointed out the reasons behind the current population imbalance including the lack of outputs with the required expertise in the labor market. He asserted the country lacks manpower to cover the need of the labor market in particular fields and specializations, so the concerned bodies need to reorganize their priorities and the societies must come to terms with these priorities.

The source added the decision of Minister of Social, Labor and Economic Affairs Hind Al-Sabeeh to utilize the expertise of two expatriates in a bid to cover the shortage of some advisory specializations is not the kind of mistake that gets reprimanded, since majority of the ministers have expatriate advisors.

The source mentioned the two advisors working in Al-Sabeeh’s office carry out her directives and she was the first who demanded the formation of supreme council for remedying the lopsided population structure which will work in the interest of the citizens.

The source stressed the need to look into reforms which have been achieved in the aspects of social support and the disabled, which aim to ensure that aid reaches only those who deserve it.

“In case it is proven that there is fault in providing aid to those who deserve and meet the terms and conditions, the minister should be held liable,” the source concluded.

Meanwhile, other sources asserted the decision to face interpellation lies in the hands of the concerned minister and no minister has been ordered to resign; hence, it is constitutionally up to the minister to take a decision he deems suitable to respond to accusations hurled at him.

In a statement to the daily, sources affirmed the Cabinet will stand in solidarity with any minister who decides to face interpellation and it will provide all the support needed based on collective responsibility of the government in all its decisions.


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