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Saturday , August 8 2020

Pompeo says Iran attack on Saudi Arabia sophisticated, brazen

WASHINGTON, Sept 20 (KUNA) — US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Friday that “in a failed attempt to disrupt the global economy,” Iran attacked two oil facilities in Saudi Arabia earlier this week.

“This act of aggression was sophisticated in its planning and brazen in its execution,” he said in a statement, stressing that, “Regardless of transparent attempts to shift blame, the evidence points to Iran-and only Iran.”

As a result, President Donald Trump “instructed his administration to substantially increase the already-historic sanctions on the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. Today, we have followed through on his direction,” Pompeo noted

“Attacking other nations and disrupting the global economy has a price. The regime in Tehran must be held accountable through diplomatic isolation and economic pressure.

“Our campaign of maximum pressure will continue to raise costs on the Islamic Republic of Iran until it reverses its destabilizing policies across the Middle East and around the world,” he added.

Meanwhile, Trump reiterated that the sanctions imposed on Iran today “are the strongest sanctions ever put on a country, saying, “We are at a level of sanction that is far greater than ever before with respect to Iran.”
“Today, we did Central Bank — And we’ll see. We’ll see. They’re having a lot of problems. Not only with us, they’re having problems within their own country. And I think they have a lot of self-made problems,” Trump said during a joint press conference with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

He stressed, “We are by far the strongest military in the world. Going into Iran would be a very easy decision — The easiest thing. Most people thought I would go in within two seconds, but plenty of time. Plenty of time.”
“I think I’m showing great restraint. A lot of people respect it, some people don’t — I don’t do it for anybody. I do it for what’s good for the United States, what’s good for our allies, and it’s working out really very well,” he added.
Asked at the Oval Office earlier if he is prepared for military action against Iran, Trump said, “Always prepared. There’s never been a country more prepared.”

“And Iran knows if they misbehave, they’re on borrowed time,” he warned, reiterating, “I think restraint is a good thing. I think it’s a good thing.”
Furthermore, Fox network reported that Trump is expected to meet with top defense officials later today “about possible military action against Iran.”

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