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Police looking for gang selling counterfeit phones

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 27: The security authorities have intensified their efforts to arrest members of an organized gang that has invented a new trick to persuade residents in the country to buy counterfeit Chinese phones, reports Al-Qabas daily.

It has been reported the value of each phone does not exceed KD 15 which are sold as modern smart phones ‘iPhone’, type whose actual price is not less than KD 350. Security sources told the daily a number of Arab and Asian residents have complained to the security authorities that they were sold phones by unknown people for KD 200 after promoting these phones under the pretext of special discount.

The victims in their complaints said they later discovered that the actual price of the phone is no more than KD 15. The sources added police investigations revealed an organized elegantly dressed gang is working to promote the sales of these phones and are usually seen driving in luxury cars and reportedly target customers near wellknown phone shops. They usually claim they want to sell these phones for a throwaway price because they are about to travel and want to sell the phones for nearly half the price

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