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Plan set to replace 85,000 private sector expatriates – Services, finance, management eyed

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 30: Secretary General of Manpower and Government Restructuring Program (MGRP) Fawzi Al-Majdali revealed a fiveyear plan to replace 85,000 expatriate employees of the private sector with Kuwaiti citizens.

He explained that the plan will target jobs related to administrative affairs, human resources, public relations, reception and customer service in the private sector, as there are about 4,875 opportunities in those fields, along with 3,365 opportunities in jobs such as assistant manager and financial supervisor.

There are also 7,210 jobs as head of department and supervisor in the private sector, 44 administrative consultation positions, 11,220 positions as coordinators and office employees as well as 4,386 registrar positions.

Affirming that this plan will help reduce the unemployment rate as well as amend the problem related to imbalance in the population structure, Al- Majdali stressed the need to replace expatriate employees in the private sector with national employees due to the economic situation of the country.

He explained that MGRP will coordinate with the Public Authority for Manpower and ensure work permits are not issued for expatriates for administrative jobs in the private sector. This will in turn obligate the employers to appoint Kuwaitis instead of expatriates.

The plan also includes employing children of Kuwaiti women and seeking assistance from retired Kuwaiti employees in case the number of Kuwaitis to take up the vacant jobs is less. When the children of Kuwaiti women and Kuwaiti retirees are hired, they will only get salaries and not the social aid paid by Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

Al-Majdali affirmed that the salary aspect will not be an obstacle to the plan for Kuwaiti employees as they will receive social allowance along with the salaries and the national salary subsidy paid by MGRP.

Meanwhile, visits are made to companies of the private sector on a daily basis by inspectors from Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, and the Public Authority for Manpower in order to check on the number of Kuwaiti employees actually present at the workplace and working there, reports Al- Qabas daily quoting sources.

They said the Kuwaiti employees are absent in most cases, affirming that the companies are issued warnings to either obligate their Kuwaiti employees to be regular to work and do their jobs or dismiss them.

The sources indicated that a large number of Kuwaiti employees in the private sector preferred to offer their resignations, adding that many companies dismissed a number of Kuwaiti employees and those positions have been left vacant till date.

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