Wednesday , February 20 2019

Persian heretics back to life since the days of Haroun Al-Rashid

DURING the reign of Haroun Al-Rashid (the fifth Abbasid Caliph) when his empire was vast, the Byzantines and Persia had no way to weaken the empire except through a media campaign using methods at the time, which were based on baseless allegations and stories.

These campaigns targeted the ruler by portraying him as a shameless drunkard and all that he was concerned with in life was to gather female slaves and hold obscene parties; whereas the man used to alternate going for Hajj (pilgrimage) this year and the next year. He engaged in battles; hence, the Abbasid Empire literally became an empire where the Sun never sets.

While Al-Rashid was building the ‘House of Wisdom’ in Baghdad, the media heretics at the time fabricated stories about a dispute with his mother or being occupied with solving disputes between his wife Zubeida and the concubines of Harem. It was as if these people were living with the ruler of that empire, following up every detail of the day.

These heretics are back through social communication networks where they launch their imaginary produce by fabricating stories about the ruling houses in several Gulf countries.

They come up with flimsy claims such as disputes between King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, or about Saudi’s princes committing suicide like Waleed bin Talal and others.

They even made up stories concerning disputes between Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed and his siblings, or alleged that there is a dispute between Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid, etc.

The sick tales emanating from their imagination have prompted them, for instance, to come up with stories on the role of Saudi’s Crown Prince in the resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri. They claimed he is a captive in Riyadh. They are swamped with senseless details, perhaps, to find a way to justify their hatred towards the Kingdom.

I cannot fail to mention that the current situation is similar to that of the past — about 1,240 years ago — when a different type of engine worked relentlessly in tarnishing the image of Haroun Al-Rashid’s reign, when the Byzantine and Persia’s heretics spread rumors by writing books which needed time to spread.

In these books, the readers found lies greater than what were said in the “One Thousand and One Nights” as Al-Rashid was horribly depicted in a manner implying that whenever someone wants to describe another person in terms of immorality; he would say, “You are like Haroun Al-Rashid in immorality.”

Today, the social communication networks are much faster. Some of them have almost become a media engine, which was widespread in the past, in fabricating claims about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other Gulf countries.

Some of the fabricated stories say that the House of Al Saud, Al Nahyan, Al Khalifa (Bahrain) and Al Sabah are living in the final days of their dynasties, and that their collapse is near.

These claims are figments of the mind as the daily events squash them. In fact, the Earth trembled under the feet of the Mullah regime and their tools made them assume that the approach of their downfall is a general phenomenon in the region.

Our countries almost entered a bitter tarnishing campaign immediately after surviving another. All this is due to the fact that the countries sponsoring terrorism have not been able to get to the Gulf countries; hence, they boosted their destructive operations through the fake news campaign.

The fake news campaign was pioneered by, for instance, ‘Al-Jazeera’ and some Lebanese media channels like the way these channels dealt with the resignation of Saad Al-Hariri and his invitation to Paris by the French President. They regarded the visit as Al-Hariri’s release after a successful mediation process by France.

These claims were propagated by the integrated media engines affiliated to ‘Hezbollah’ in Lebanon, which were in harmony with other allied media engines from some Gulf countries. Irrespective of the effort being exerted, these campaigns have never and will never hamper the train of development and major projects in our countries, which are persistent in their course and indifference towards the dust caused by their haters.

In the past days, many things were said about the internal situation in several Gulf countries, such as being on the verge of bankruptcy or that they are about to explode. This is in addition to the Saad Al-Hariri issue, as nothing was discussed concerning the reason behind the resignation of this man who is putting a stop to Persia’s heretic mercenaries.

These heretics have no evidence to back their fabrications. They have not presented any proof on the deteriorating internal situation in the Kingdom and UAE as per their claims.

In simplest terms, this means the Persians have infiltrated several Arab countries; especially Lebanon which is the highlight of this infiltration, where ‘Hezb Al-Shaytan’ is considered the crown of the Persian expansionism scheme. Unfortunately, the official institutions are oblivious to that, such as the Lebanese presidency.

Actually, Lebanon received throughout the past decades Saudi’s investments and deposits which reached about $75 billion; and around 300,000 Lebanese are working in the Kingdom. In comparison, Iranian investments do not exceed $40 million and the number of Lebanese manpower in Iran does not exceed 1,200.

It should not be forgotten that GCC countries took upon themselves to act as appeaser between fighting teams. They hosted the ‘Taif’ peace treaty; whereas in Kuwait — to where ‘Hezb Al-Shaytan’ imported what is known as ‘Abdali terrorist cell’ — when HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah was the foreign affairs minister played a major role through his chairmanship of the six-member Arab commission, which was tasked to end civil war and crystallize the ‘Taif’ peace treaty.

The media engine, which is being used by heretics, has thrown all that behind its back. Instead, it went on to fabricate stories and narratives concerning GCC countries; simply because it does not have freedom of sight and it can only see what its Persian operators see. In fact, it is talking with its operators’ voice.

They go back to history to excavate narratives to breathe through them. As long as history repeats itself for these people, they will miss the fact that Saad Al-Hariri is currently in Paris and he will not change anything in his resignation statement.

This is due to the fact that history is now being written by its original authors, while the press and social media heretics are speaking with a Persian accent inspired by distortion and falsification.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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