Tuesday , October 16 2018

Perfect match to help cut divorce rate: study

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 7: There is a wide gap in the issue of marriage in Kuwait, seeing the recent high rate of divorce caused by partners selected upon a wrong foundation. Many people have since urged the government to close the gap by resolving the deficiency, reports Al- Rai daily.

They recommended the government should set up an official authority supervised by a ministry to take the position of conciliator or matchmaker. The agency should be trustworthy in receiving marriage proposals from male and female suitors rather than toeing unsafe paths.

This will be done in the same model instituted by some pioneering countries, including Saudi Arabia and Iran that receive similar marriage proposals, as well as UAE that even provides housing services. Commenting on the issue, researcher in educational studies Ahmad Khamees said the governments of many Arab countries are working toward providing marriage services starting with the marriage contract and ensuring the marriage works. It also includes the anticipated role in signing the divorce in case the couple finds it difficult to relate well. Regarding pre-marital services known as ‘receiving interest in marriage’, it is almost non-existent. He explained this is the root cause of the wide gap causing some problems in many societies.

Chief among the problems is high rate of divorce, coupled with the phenomenon of youths moving around shopping malls to eve-tease and harass women instead of proposing marriage. He noted problems have been detected in the Arabian Gulf, thus Saudi Arabia initiated the idea of receiving marriage proposals for whosoever interested in marriage to approach the concerned authority. He stressed the concerned authority will assign experts to find suitable partners. The idea has contributed to reduce the divorce rate in Saudi Arabia. The government must have done a great job identifying perfect matches instead of roaming the streets to find suitors.

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