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Wednesday , October 27 2021

‘People’s choice of best reps likely to support development’ – Governors tour polling stations

Farwaniya Governor Sheikh Faisal Al-Hamoud visiting one of the polling booths
Farwaniya Governor Sheikh Faisal Al-Hamoud visiting one of the polling booths

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 26, (KUNA): Ahmadi Governor Sheikh Fawaz Al-Khaled Al- Hamad Al-Sabah on Saturday urged voters to choose the candidates who can best represent them at the National Assembly. People’s choice of the ‘best’ representatives is likely to support development in the country, as well as contributing to the implementation of the Fourth Structuring Plan 2040, Sheikh Fawaz Al-Khaled said in a press statement. He added that the new parliament would play a significant role in order to realize these expectations.

The governor congratulated the Kuwaiti political leadership on the “democratic celebrations”, that crown the march of one of the oldest and well-established democracies in the region. He also highly appreciated the efforts by the ministries and other state bodies involved in the process to guarantee smooth elections, the Interior Ministry and the Ministries of Information, Justice, Education, and Health, besides the Kuwait Municipality and the Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD). According to Sheikh Fawaz Al-Khaled, Ahmadi officials made sure that all the requirements of the ‘aspired electoral process” were provided. On his part, Al-Farwaniya Governor Sheikh Faisal Al-Hamoud Al-Malek Al-Sabah had an inspection tour in several polling centers in the governorate. In a press statement, Sheikh Faisal Al-Hamoud expressed satisfaction over the pace of the elections that proceeded so easily and smoothly.

He commended the integration of roles by all the parties involved in the process, representatives of state bodies, as well as the voters, males and females. Sheikh Faisal Al-Hamoud also expressed optimism that the elections would be crowned with calm and success amid a climate of honest competition, integrity and transparency. The governor urged the voters to choose nominees capable of meeting requirement of the future stage. Participation in the elections and voting is a national duty, to carry on with the democratic march in Kuwait, the country of freedoms, law and constitution, Sheikh Faisal Al-Hamoud said. He wished success for all those who can best serve the nation.

Governor of Mubarak Al- Kabeer retired General Ahmad Abdullatif Al-Rejaib reiterated the importance of taking part in this democratic process for the best interest of the homeland. Speaking during his tour to a number of polling stations for the parliamentary elections 2016, he praised cooperation between voters and candidates with the judges and security personnel as well as their adherence to instructions in this regard.

Al-Rejaib also hailed efforts exerted by the Interior Ministry for the well preparations to ensure smooth electoral process. Capital Governor Lt Gen Mohmmad Al-Muhanna on Saturday said that Kuwait’s longtime democracy is among the oldest in Arab region, proving success over the years. Al-Muhanna made the statement during a tour that included a host of polling stations in the various areas of the governorate where voters cast their votes in the National Assembly (parliament) elections for the 15th Legislative Term.

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