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Saturday , August 15 2020

The people will not be fooled for the 2nd time


Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

NO ONE has the right to protest against the return of any political bloc that had earlier boycotted the elections as long as the action is within the democratic framework, not to the extent of engaging in criminal and destructive acts.

However, when it comes to a certain group which terrorized people to impose its will on the community and caused social instability in the country, it has no right to play a political role before its patriotic status is reconsidered. This means it should publicly apologize for its destructive actions, so the people will forgive the group.

Definitely, this applies to all political boycotters who recently announced their intention to participate in the next parliamentary election.

Nevertheless, this group did not carry out a peaceful, sublime and democratic boycott as it is done in the entire world. Instead, the group resorted to terrorism and blackmail — enticing groups of zealous youths to destroy and storm into a public structure (the National Assembly), or involving them in demonstrations which ended in violence and destruction of public and private properties, in addition to transgressing the entity and authority of HH the Amir.

The group assaulted police officers and led many youths to prison. Majority of its members attempted to assume the position of the custodian of the society and the State through their announcement of a new constitution.

While doing all these, they forgot that there are other social and political components in the country, with their own weight and opinion in the political arena.

Throughout the 20 years of the Parliament’s existence, the MPs of this group engaged in actions which weakened the State, whether through laws that siphoned off public funds and crippled development; or by opposing projects like the northern oil fields, Dow Chemical deal and improvement of infrastructure.

They hurl horrible accusations on anyone who stands against them, until the huge economy of the country became unstable. The economy suffered tremendously due to certain laws and the act of terrorizing people in terms of bearing public responsibilities.

This group and others engaged in destructive criminal acts against the community crippled the establishments and spread the culture of ‘wasta’ (influence), as they made the entire sector the base of their supporters.

They collected ‘haram’ wealth through dubious contracts and by spoiling Kuwait’s relations with its neighbors. We can cite several examples such as the judicial rulings issued in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against many of the group’s leaders.

Another example is the fierce media campaign launched against Kuwait by some of its neighbors due to this group’s interference in the affairs of other countries — especially Egypt which received the lion’s share of their oppression until the ‘Sphinx’ spoke, stressing the need to stop this group.

After everything they have done, do they expect to return to the political life without apologizing for the mistakes they committed in the past?

The law does not give due respect to someone who committed crimes unless three or five years have passed and that is usually done through a court order. For those who committed the worst of crimes against Kuwait and its people; here they are, audacious enough to announce their return to the political scene as if nothing happened before.

Despite everything, we still say: This is democracy and the ballot boxes will determine the position of the people towards them. Without any doubt, the people will not be fooled again. Whatever the people of this country went through during the first time they were fooled is enough. Therefore, we do not exaggerate when we say, “Their reckoning will be difficult.”

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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