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Wednesday , July 17 2019

People in religion of their government

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

THE sudden rush against our brothers in humanity — expatriates — is unjustifiable, especially due to its sudden surprising emergence without prior warning.

These three million people did not come to this country in a day or under a thick layer of darkness such that we just opened our eyes to realize they are competing with us even for the oxygen that we are breathing in, according to the honorable MP Safa Al-Hashim.

Hon Safa, a significant number of these expatriates were brought to Kuwait by slave traders or rather “visa traders” (no difference) in return of financial gains. At the expense of the sweat of these expatriates, the traders are enjoying life by buying luxury cars for themselves, huge cars for their children, apartments for holding parties, and jewelries for their wives in order to keep them silent.

These traders do not add any value to the country’s development. Neither they nor the government employees who helped them through bribes added any value to the country’s economy.

All they did for us was increase the level of anxiety and squander the public funds for achieving their personal interests.

I recently received a call from one of my friends who revealed that his son’s academic scholarship to a university in the United States of America has been suspended by Ministry of Higher Education without any prior warning.

My first question was whether his son violated any rules and regulations pertaining to the scholarship or any of the US laws or the laws of Kuwait. His response was that his son did not violate or rather transgress any items specified in Article 4 of Ministry of Higher Education’s academic scholarship rules and regulations. I was filled with huge awe when I discovered the real reason behind the dismissal of my friend’s son from the academic scholarship program sponsored by Ministry of Higher Education was a new regulation, as per which scholarship students are not allowed to marry anyone besides Kuwaiti or GCC citizens when under the scholarship program.

My friend explained that his son married an American whom he loved and who loves him but because of this marriage, he has been expelled from the scholarship program. This new item introduced in the regulatory article violates the constitutional rights of citizens, which is personal freedom.

This scholarship student is not an employee of any sensitive ministry, such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Defense, in order for such regulations to be imposed on his personal decisions. When it comes to employees from abovementioned sensitive ministries, they have to seek permission for marrying a non-Kuwaiti.

If this matter is highlighted by the US media, and gets picked up by the rightists of this era and the supporters of President Donald Trump, they would throw our racist ministry’s scholarship students in the Atlantic Ocean. I conclude with a story I received from a friend through social media.

It is about an interview of our colleague, the former minister of Electricity and Water Yahya Fahad Al-Sumait, who said, “When I was living with an American family and they realized I was fasting during the month of Ramadan, they changed their dinner timings to coincide with my breakfast timings. Until the end of Ramadan, they would eat their dinner at the time when I break my fast”. This is from us to our wise government and its kind who treat foreigners with racism, hatred and inhumanly.


By Ali Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil
Email: ali-albaghli@hotmail.com

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